QuikSkoop™: Kantin Nad

Bangka-Belitung may be not your usual destination even in Indonesia. What everybody knows is just Bali, Bali, or Bali. No offense but many other islands and beaches in Indonesia surely could use more credits. Apart from the beautiful landscapes, one surely shouldn’t miss their proud diet of seafood. Here comes! After scouring all over PangkalContinue reading “QuikSkoop™: Kantin Nad”

QuikSkoop™: Mr Asui

As one of the highly recommended restaurant in Pangkal Pinang, Mr Asui proudly presents itself as a mighty warrior in Chinese cuisine. Though emphasizing greatly on fish dishes which undoubtedly quite interesting, clearly what caught my attention was not exactly the food. It’s a matter of endurance. A bright red signboard in front of anContinue reading “QuikSkoop™: Mr Asui”