Staycation: First World Hotel – Genting, Malaysia (Resorts World)

I lose count whenever people ask how many rooms First World Hotel has and indeed this hotel is huge! A good starting point for you who wants to scour a bit for Genting but then again, perhaps it’s just too much just to stay here aside from just wanting to savor the cool air. Find out why next.

Mountain of Food Explorace II (Resorts World Genting, Malaysia) – The Finale

aking a real shower after a hard day’s work, or in our case after a crazy jungle trekking and an extreme outdoor sport, sure was really nice. Our duplex condominium at the 28th and 29th floors of Awana Resort was kinda oldie but it was neat, well-maintained, and this time we had superb views of the greeneries around the golf course and way uphill to the Genting Highlands. Our stay at the hotel was a really nice experience and we spent a night there comfortably.

Mountain of Food Explorace II (Resorts World Genting, Malaysia) – Last Day of Challenges

Still drained by the first day challenges, legs strained, but with new found spirit, finally the last day of challenges arrived. I woke up a bit late only and we had to quickly pack our bags to ready ourselves for a trip downhill. It was pretty exciting judging that we get to try different hotel, which equals different experience, and Awana Resort said to have beautiful surroundings.

Mountain of Food Explorace II (Resorts World Genting, Malaysia) – First Day of Challenges

All that we knew was that we’re gonna face more than a dozen challenges. We didn’t know that it’s gonna be all about running and sweating. Especially us from Indonesian, we’re pure food bloggers and we’re so decadent so that any sweat caused not by eating would be a sin. We’re punished for it but surprisingly, it was one of the happiest moments I’ve ever had and I’m thankful for it. Not because of the calorie burns but our togetherness as fellow food bloggers and our first time doing so abroad.

Mountain of Food Explorace II (Resorts World Genting, Malaysia) – Arrival Day

The Mountain of Food Explorace II event was designated for food bloggers and enthusiasts alike. Some were chosen because of their nature as bloggers and some of them applied for this opportunity through the social media line. In short, there were 20 of us from three different countries ready to compete in a race to explore about what Genting has to offer culinary-wise and also the adventures.