Restaurant Review: Nasi Bancakan

A colorful array of Sundanese fare presented all at once can be more festive than even the most complete warteg dishes or any given Padang restaurant. Last year we had the chance to visit Ma’ Uneh. Now, Abah Barna’s Nasi Bancakan is our new Sundanese envoy.

Restaurant Review: Cie Rasa Loom

Acehnese cuisine may not yet reached that influential level when compared with its neighboring provinces such as the North and West Sumatra cuisines. However, Acehnese fares’ bold and honest taste is loved by many.

From Bandung, we have just the right option for you to try.

Street Food: Gudeg Cihapit Pak Ramidin

As a city far from the gudeg civilization in Central Java, Bandung actually has a good trace of this delicacy in many corners of it. My favorite that has been around for some time is none other than the inconspicuous Gudeg Cihapit and its exquisite taste.

PHD Presents The Real Cheeseburger Pizza!

Setelah sekian tahun dimanjakan oleh gesitnya layanan pesan antar dan berbagai variasi pizza-nya yang selalu menggoda, kini PHD kembali memperkenalkan kreasi pizza terbarunya – Cheeseburger Pizza!

Dish That I Crave: The Yamien of Warung Lela

You see, Warung Lela has been around for so long, offering dishes as simple as bakmi and nasi tim, but it’s that simplicity and how homey the place is that made me missing them so much.