Anomali Coffee: Bringing Up Local Flavours (mise en place, Vol 13 – 2015)

The first decade of the 21st century saw Jakarta heading its way to become one of the coffee culture capitals of the world. This period saw a major expansion of Starbucks as the proponent of second wave coffee movement in Indonesia, as followed also by The Coffee Bean and Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

However, it was also the time when Indonesians realize that coffee is more than Starbucks. The decade showed us the emergence of local coffee shops with one noble aim, and that is to promote the rich variety of Indonesian coffee beans.

Anomali 2

In 2007, Anomali Coffee was born from the hands of the two co-owners, Mr Irvan Helmi and Mr Muhammad Abgari (Agam). Their first shop back then at Jalan Senopati operated as both a roaster as well as brew bar. Since the beginning, it has received a warm welcome from the crowd but from what we see today, it was clear that Anomali never settles in with only selling beverages. It took more than just that to run an enduring, successful business.

As Irvan tells us, they started everything from a scratch for Anomali and he remembers the time when he utilized whatever opportunity he got out of his unrelated full time occupation for the business. He admits that he was purely only bringing his curiosity, as based on the memories of his grandmother’s habit of brewing coffee for the family from ground beans bought from oldest known stores in Jakarta.

Anomali 5

However over the years, the two owners have made a monumental groundwork by working with the farmers directly to share them what the future market needs. What they have done regularly aside from that is also buying the beans in coffee auctions and promoting fair trade.

Realizing it or not, the result of their hard work is what we actually see today in Indonesia’s coffee scene. “Back then our best seller was blended iced drinks, but now people are crazy over the classic choices. Indonesia now have better quality beans”, says Irvan. This trend is also promoted by the rising of gourmet coffee shops around the globe, or what people would call as ‘third wave coffee movement’.

Anomali 4

In addition to that, people are now becoming discerned over specifics and this is something that Anomali has prepared all this time. “To actually say that we were able to predict this would be an exaggeration. We are simply evolving to become better every time”, explains Irvan modestly.

“To ensure the quality, we have established a professional barista school for our staffs and public. We have regular examinations for our baristas and our company has also established a grading system so that everyone can have a career here”, Irvan further adds.

Anomali 3

Today, the coffee shop competition became fiercer than ever. The appearance of the slick and stylish third wave coffee bars all over Jakarta does not worry Anomali Coffee at all. Whatever the hipster market dictates now, Anomali Coffee is ready. Its Indonesian coffee beans quality is at its peak, the baristas well-trained, and they are also up with the popular use of manual brewing techniques.

Lastly, more than that, the wholesale division of Anomali Coffee is now serving the needs of hundreds of companies around Indonesia and abroad. Anomali Coffee has also become the sole distributor of the famous Synesso espresso machines and Hario manual brewing gadgets.

Anomali 1

Being thankful at what Anomali Coffee has achieved so far, Irvan in modesty says, “This is all part of our learning process. We are simply evolving to become better and better.”



Jalan Senopati no. 9, Jakarta
Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro no. 52, Jakarta
Setiabudi One, Jakarta
Jalan Kemang Raya no. 72G, Jakarta
Bali White House, Jalan Dewi Sri no. 23, Kuta – Bali
Jalan Raya Ubud no. 88, Ubud – Bali

Opening hours: Daily, 8am – 12am



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