Living in a bubble may give you comfort and security, but for Tissa Aunilla even during her days as a successful lawyer, she had already given thought that there must be another way to fully realize her real aspirations.

Years of fondness with confectioneries brought her to a decision that she should learn more about chocolate. “I even tore down some parts of my home to make space for the equipments and bought a marble surface”, she says.

With the support of her brother Irvan Helmi who has been very successful with Anomali Coffee, Tissa dedicated herself to train under professional chocolatiers and even one time enrolling to Felchlin in Switzerland for an intensive two-week program there after fulfilling the prerequisite skills needed for the acceptance.

Several years of improving her skills in chocolate making and intense research on the business, Pipiltin Cocoa opened its doors in 2013. “Despite being the world’s third largest producer of chocolate, the level of consumption is still considerably much lower here than the Western countries. That’s the challenge since the beginning”, says Tissa full of determination.

As of today, in addition to increasing Pipiltin’s presence in Jakarta’s dining scene, the company has also been collaborating with several single-origin chocolate farmers from Aceh, Java, and as far to Bali and Flores as well. Exporters from abroad have taken a lot of interest of Pipiltin Cocoa after Tissa’s campaign abroad to introduce Indonesian chocolate.

“We are running a strict standardization so that our producers will supply us with fermented beans with specific humidity level and other conditions as well. With single origins, there are issues of logistics as well in cases such as delayed harvest due to force majeure. We always take care of this very precisely so that we won’t let down our customers and importers”, she explains.

With its bean-to-bar concept, Pipiltin Cocoa is still among the very few found in Indonesia and is so far challenged by the unfamiliar yet curious Indonesians who would love to try new things about food. One way to solve this, says Tissa, is to teach them about chocolate and that’s starting from the sensory test. It’s an investment of its own to bring more people into fold with chocolate appreciation, but apparently there are more surprises that she has prepared for everyone.

“At our new chocolate factory on Jalan Barito, it will be like a museum where people could tour around the facility, attending cooking classes, observing how chocolate is being made, and many other activities. The parking space will be huge so that it can cater buses and more visitors”, explains Tissa.

This is talking about the long term goals on how to create more demand and how to entice Indonesians to consume more chocolate. Unlike coffee as its more successful sibling, chocolate and tea, while produced in great numbers in the country, are still in need to be promoted on every level.

In a smaller scope, Pipiltin Cocoa’s interesting lineup on the menu is certainly worth the experience especially for dessert lovers. From plated desserts that utilize molecular gastronomic techniques, Pipiltin introduces the application of cakes and pastry to get along with its chocolate creations.

With the dessert appreciation scene on the rise for several years now in Jakarta, Pipiltin Cocoa’s is not only riding the wave of this momentum but also introduces a lineup of savory dishes. From finger foods to salad, from poultry to oxtail, and from pasta to sandwich or burger; everything was evenly designed to match the vast lineup of the desserts. Additionally to cater everyone’s needs, Pipiltin Cocoa’s is also not short on options with chocolate-based beverages.

To sum it all up, a complete lineup like this is deemed necessary so that people would be enticed to try something new from time to time. For Pipiltin Cocoa, an evolving dessert menu related to chocolate is a must and that is to complement also its sell of chocolate bars, chocolate nibs, and countless other creations that Jakartans may never seen before or even thought possible that it all actually came from Indonesian chocolate.



  • Sarinah Building Ground Floor, Jalan MH Thamrin no. 11, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Jalan Barito II no. 5, Jakarta – Indonesia



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