Ruang Seduh + Kinosaurus + Ganara: Where Coffee & Arts Get Along (mise en place, Vol 16 – 2016)

There’s always a great potential coming from a mutual space shared between F&B retailers and other forms of businesses these days. This relationship may well be a lucrative solution to empower each other – especially when designed properly, and there’s a synergy that can be created to attract customers with different preferences.


Such case can be found within a building known traditionally as the flagship location of Jakarta’s funkiest, novelty bookstore (ak.’sa.ra) and for Casa – a casual, international cuisine restaurant. Currently, something interesting is happening on the space behind the bookstore. While also being occupied by a record store, a recent collaboration between three businesses has been energizing the whole building itself.


This is the spot where Kinosaurus – a micro-cinema and Ruang Seduh – a third-wave coffee shop join arms for a partnership rarely seen in Jakarta. Even before the collaboration happens, it was already in the spirit of Adinda Simanjuntak to partner up with the co-owners of A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers – or known more as ABCD School of Coffee. The gentlemen behind ABCD are Hendri Kurniawan and Ve Handojo, who also already had their designs for their coffee shop brand – Ruang Seduh. The coffee shop serves as not just a place to enjoy quality coffee solely but quite uniquely, also for the patrons to experience the process of brewing the coffee themselves.

Meanwhile, Adinda and her husband who happens to be a filmmaker, wanted to start their own micro-cinema business to cater the demands for more independent, non-mainstream movies. The process to design the cinema properly came with many plans but Adinda wanted it to be casual, approachable, and the cinema itself well-equipped.


The only puzzle left for her to fill was the one remaining corner and she decided to partner up with teachers to establish Ganara – an art and educational space for family. Hence, the partnership between these three has created not just a business model that relies only for the customers to come, but successfully creating an interest and influx of traffic unseen before to the whole building itself.

The establishment of Kinosaurus, Ruang Seduh, and Ganara completes the experience for those who are seeking more than just individual aspect of finer things in life as they can also experience film, coffee, art, music, food, and novelty things from the bookstore in just one stop.

Speaking strictly about the coffee industry itself, which has seen a lot of developments in Indonesia for the past few years, Ruang Seduh was able to utilize the small space assigned to them with admirable effort. In addition to that, Ruang Seduh also encourages young artists to display their finest artworks there and that initiative is definitely in line with the whole spirit of the establishment itself.


The all-white open bar adapts two means of brewing coffee – using the mini La Marzocco espresso machine and the rare yet unique Walküre’s Bayreuth porcelain coffee maker for manual brewing. The openness of the bar itself was designed specifically to encourage interaction between customers and the baristas. For each, Ruang Seduh employs the use of different grinding machines from Mahlkönig and Nuova Simonelli.


Despite the passionate spirit from the minds these passionate people, the education and the easy accessibility for everyone is the key for them to survive and flourish. While Ruang Seduh has already opened another outlet in Yogyakarta and will continue to collaborate in harmony with Kinosaurus and Ganara, Adinda hopes for Kinosaurus itself that this movement would ultimately spark bigger excitements in the film, food, and art communities. And true enough, we might see those days coming sooner than expected.

KINOSAURUS, RUANG SEDUH, GANARA | Jalan Kemang Raya No. 8B, Jakarta | |



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