Searching for Street Food: Sunday Brunch at Masjid Sunda Kelapa (FoodieS, May 2016)

For almost one and a half millennia, mosque has been known as not only a place of worship but also as a strong pillar that supports people’s economy. One fine example is being shown by Sunda Kelapa Mosque and its fine collection of eateries, especially during weekend.

Sunda Kelapa 1 Sunda Kelapa 2 Sunda Kelapa 5

Day in and out, Sunda Kelapa Mosque is popular for its resident hawkers sought by government workers from around the vicinity, the residents, the congregation and random hungry passersby. A few years ago, the hawkers were reorganized by the local government and now comfortably positioned right beside the main gate of the mosque. There are now far more choices you can pick and enjoy, especially during lunchtime.

On several occasions, I had my opportunity to try the soto Ambengan, chicken satay, siomay (steamed dumplings), and refreshments from coconut flesh and juice with squeezed orange. Not to mention of course, a complete offering of rice and assortments of comfort food from the warung tegal and one time, the sop kaki sapi.

Sunda Kelapa 3 Sunda Kelapa 7 Sunda Kelapa 8

But there is something that makes Sunda Kelapa Mosque more special than usual aside from these fine resident hawkers. The establishment has a sizable plaza that is rented for public for many functions and on weekends, it is transformed into a pop-up apparel market and also a Padangnese cuisine extravaganza!

When I say extravaganza, then you should see it for yourself. Numerous of independent stalls are selling their specialty dishes of West Sumatran origin and many hailed from different regions. From the sate Padang, ketupat sayur, and the beloved nasi Padang; everything is literally at your disposal.

Sunda Kelapa 4 Sunda Kelapa 9 Sunda Kelapa 10

Hovering around to try the specialties is an adventure of its own here. The one that I can recommend seriously for your much anticipated street food-style brunch this weekend is to visit the sate Padang stall that specializes with beef ribs. Where to find it? It’s the busiest one in the middle and doesn’t stop grilling for many hours!

Sunda Kelapa 6

Other than that, at a stall that has no name, people went crazy over their ketupat sayur and I could not let this opportunity missed like that. I had my share of ketupat sayur with gulai pakis, rendang, and the traditional red crackers. Lastly of course for my lunch back home, I had my dendeng batokok with coconut oil and diced green chilies as the sambal.

Well, waking up early in the morning on a Sunday certainly pays well. Now, it’s your turn.

SUNDA KELAPA MOSQUE | Jalan Taman Sunda Kelapa no. 16, Jakarta

Opening hours: Daily, all day. Specialty Minang cuisine only during weekend

Spend IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person

Featured in FoodieS Magazine May 2016 issue


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