OPEN: The First Jamba Juice in Indonesia (Qubicle, Aug 2016)

Setelah sukses dengan ratusan cabang yang tersebar di berbagai penjuru dunia, akhirnya juice bar ternama asal Amerika Serikat ini hadir di Jakarta!

Jamba Juice (5)

Pembukaan Jamba Juice pertama di Indonesia berlokasi di Sogo, Central Park Mall dan berlangsung meriah. Para pengunjung-pengunjung perdana Jamba Juice tanpa segan-segan langsung mencoba berbagai pilihan tradisionalnya seperti Mango-A-Go-Go, Pineapple Blush, Strawberry Wild, Banana Berry, hingga berbagai Juice Bowl-nya seperti Avocado, Chunky Strawberry, Guava, dan Dragonfruit.

Dua highlights hari itu yang kami coba adalah racikan segar mangga, markisa dengan nanas. Atau Pineapple Blush yang merupakan percampuran seru antara nanas, mangga, markisa, dan buah naga. Kedua minuman ini menggunakan 100% buah segar, jusnya, serta susu.

Jamba Juice (1)

Tidak ketinggalan Jamba Juice juga memperkenalkan lini Superfood Smoothies-nya seperti Matcha dengan Green Tea, Avocado Almond Ambrosia yang merupakan perpaduan alpukat dan susu almond, ataupun PB Chocolate Love (susu coklat, selai kacang, dan pisang).

Sounds refreshing right? Berikutnya adalah giliran kamu untuk mencobanya!

JAMBA JUICE | Sogo, Central Park Mall, Jakarta – Indonesia

Featured in Qubicle – FoodieS, Aug 2016

OPEN: Welcoming Jakarta’s Very Own Flip Burger! (Qubicle, Aug 2016)

Ah if there’s a comfort food yang belum ‘dijamah’ selama ini oleh Chef Afit Purwanto, juragan steak di balik suksesnya Holycow! Steakhouse, yaitu adalah sebuah burger joint! Setelah melanglangbuana dengan petualangan perdagingannya setelah Holycow! Steakhouse yaitu bersama Loobie Lobster, Holy Gyu, serta The HolyRibs; kini Chef Afit sukses membuka kedai burger terbarunya dengan nama Flip Burger!

Flip Burger 4 Flip Burger 6

Terletak di Senopati, jalan yang begitu hype untuk para foodies dan sundowners, Flip Burger tampil cerah dan casual dengan logo merah menyala dan segala keceriaan dari suasana restorannya. Didesain benar-benar seperti burger joint, Flip Burger saat ini menyediakan tiga menu utama yaitu beef burger, cheese burger, serta fish burger untuk dipaketkan dengan fries dan soft drinks (yang bebas refill!).

Flip Burger 7

Dua kekuatan besar bergabung di balik konsep burger milik Chef Afit ini. Pertama adalah pengalaman bertahun-tahun Afit dalam bisnis steak sehingga beef patty kreasinya terasa juicy serta melts-in-your-mouth!

Flip Burger 5 Flip Burger 1

Kedua dan merupakan bagian yang begitu instrumental juga adalah penggunaan roti brioche manis yang begitu buttery ketimbang burger bun pada umumnya. Keduanya berpadu dengan rasa yang jarang ditemukan di berbagai burger joints lainnya di Jakarta. Bayangkan rasa tersebut dengan tambahan caramelized onion yang lembut dan manis serta secara terpisah, satu porsi crispy chicken skins yang gurih dan renyah. Hmmmmm…

Flip Burger 3

Nah Flip Burger akan dibuka untuk umum pada tanggal 19 Agustus 2016! So, pastikan kamu menjadi yang pertama melahap semua burger di sini diantara teman-temanmu.

FLIP BURGER | Jalan Senopati no. 27, Jakarta
IG: @flipburger_id

Featured in Qubicle – FoodieS, Aug 2016

Searching for Street Food: Sunday Brunch at Masjid Sunda Kelapa (FoodieS, May 2016)

For almost one and a half millennia, mosque has been known as not only a place of worship but also as a strong pillar that supports people’s economy. One fine example is being shown by Sunda Kelapa Mosque and its fine collection of eateries, especially during weekend.

Sunda Kelapa 1 Sunda Kelapa 2 Sunda Kelapa 5

Day in and out, Sunda Kelapa Mosque is popular for its resident hawkers sought by government workers from around the vicinity, the residents, the congregation and random hungry passersby. A few years ago, the hawkers were reorganized by the local government and now comfortably positioned right beside the main gate of the mosque. There are now far more choices you can pick and enjoy, especially during lunchtime.

On several occasions, I had my opportunity to try the soto Ambengan, chicken satay, siomay (steamed dumplings), and refreshments from coconut flesh and juice with squeezed orange. Not to mention of course, a complete offering of rice and assortments of comfort food from the warung tegal and one time, the sop kaki sapi.

Sunda Kelapa 3 Sunda Kelapa 7 Sunda Kelapa 8

But there is something that makes Sunda Kelapa Mosque more special than usual aside from these fine resident hawkers. The establishment has a sizable plaza that is rented for public for many functions and on weekends, it is transformed into a pop-up apparel market and also a Padangnese cuisine extravaganza!

When I say extravaganza, then you should see it for yourself. Numerous of independent stalls are selling their specialty dishes of West Sumatran origin and many hailed from different regions. From the sate Padang, ketupat sayur, and the beloved nasi Padang; everything is literally at your disposal.

Sunda Kelapa 4 Sunda Kelapa 9 Sunda Kelapa 10

Hovering around to try the specialties is an adventure of its own here. The one that I can recommend seriously for your much anticipated street food-style brunch this weekend is to visit the sate Padang stall that specializes with beef ribs. Where to find it? It’s the busiest one in the middle and doesn’t stop grilling for many hours!

Sunda Kelapa 6

Other than that, at a stall that has no name, people went crazy over their ketupat sayur and I could not let this opportunity missed like that. I had my share of ketupat sayur with gulai pakis, rendang, and the traditional red crackers. Lastly of course for my lunch back home, I had my dendeng batokok with coconut oil and diced green chilies as the sambal.

Well, waking up early in the morning on a Sunday certainly pays well. Now, it’s your turn.

SUNDA KELAPA MOSQUE | Jalan Taman Sunda Kelapa no. 16, Jakarta

Opening hours: Daily, all day. Specialty Minang cuisine only during weekend

Spend IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person

Featured in FoodieS Magazine May 2016 issue

Searching for Street Food: Nasi Bistik Astana Anyar (FoodieS, May 2016)

Regular nasi goreng stall is ubiquitous all over Indonesia, but an added value is given by a particular hawker from Bandung and that makes a whole lot of difference with the rest of the competition.

Nasi Bistik AA 6 Nasi Bistik AA 3

Jalan Astana Anyar lies deep in the older part of Bandung, not far from to the city’s main street of Sudirman since the colonial era.  As far as the eyes can see, the façade of side-by-side old and typical commercial two or three storey buildings are stretching along Sudirman as well as the surrounding streets. That makes this part of town feels iconic.

The street food scene around here is both rich and ancient as it rooted from the Chinese influences for many generations. Streets are always busy and traffic may be rampant at times.

Foodies 0516 - Searching For Street Food - Nasi Bistik AA (4) Nasi Bistik AA 7 Nasi Bistik AA 2

In the evening, the traffic eases up and the street food scene is finally unveiled. Many are concentrated around Jalan Cibadak, but Nasi Bistik AA (stands for Astana Anyar) can be found around 5 minutes drive from there.

One can totally relate how busy this stall is with an additional frying station for the bistik separated than the regular wok station used for stir-frying nasi goreng, mie goreng, or kwetiau. Service may feel slow due to the onset of unstoppable hungry people, but the crews are very courteous and helpful. On top of that, nobody complains! That gives me an dose of extra patience – much needed when your stomach starts growling.

Nasi Bistik AA 4 Nasi Bistik AA 5

Finally after more than half an hour or so, my fried rice with chicken bistik arrives. Now, here’s the added value I told you about.

Bistik itself is not the localized version of beef steak or let alone the term steak itself. It is whatever meat breaded and deep-fried. When cut into chunks, the bistik is served as a topping and then accompanied with boiled vegetables such as string beans and carrots. Finally, the sour, spicy, and savory sauce is poured.

Foodies 0516 - Searching For Street Food - Nasi Bistik AA (9) Nasi Bistik AA 8

Despite the wait and the muddy terrain after the downpour, the nasi goreng bistik quickly quenches my hunger. Cooked in a huge batch, the chef still managed to pull a wonderfully balance taste with the nasi goreng. The bistik with the sauce work really well in harmony and I even ask them to have a half portion of the bistik topped on my fried rice again!

If you feel like going a bit more conservative, the bistik also works well with the usual white rice. Well, perhaps on my next visit, I should try something else but I have something else for you around this part of town coming soon on my street food adventures!

NASI BISTIK ASTANA ANYAR | Jalan Astana Anyar no. 218, Bandung | +62 81 2142 7856

Opening hours: Daily, 5pm – 12am

Spend IDR 20,000 – IDR 25,000 / person

Featured in FoodieS Magazine May 2016 issue