The recent appearance of AMKC Atelier as Plaza Indonesia’s latest and currently the hippest eatery has garnered a large number of visitors day in and out. Crowds gather during dining hours not only to enjoy its unique cakes and desserts but also AMKC’s inventive savory fares.

AMKC’s success this early owes to not just the reputations of the owners – chefs Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta, but also the inspirations behind the dishes and the undying love for food from the Jakartans. Located on the prestigious ground floor of the mall, AMKC with its minimalist décor, white tones and black seats impresses not just discerned diners but also hipster eaters.


Years spent on perfecting the well-known Union restaurants in Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, and the deli at Grand Indonesia have established the names of this couple. Not to mention of course, their previous spell abroad and how they were inspired from French cooking techniques while professing the love for Indonesian flavors.

Karen Carlotta has been known as the one who catapulted the success of red velvet cake during the younger years of Union. Meanwhile Adhika Maxi, known for his love for comfort food, has been devising inventive lineups for AMKC utilizing premium ingredients.


Among the highlights from AMKC are the truffle angel hair with sea urchin, Hokkaido scallops with lemon XO vinaigrette, the Black Angus fried rice with chili jam, and also the soto mie with the short ribs. Meanwhile Karen boasts her forte in pastry with beautifully intriguing cakes inspired from Indonesian delicacies like es teler, martabak, and pisang ijo.

There’s no telling until when the dynamic duo will continue to surprise the foodies of Jakarta, but with AMKC opens for everyone, you are in for a treat for a long long time.

AMKC ATELIER | Plaza Indonesia, Lvl 1 E-17, Jalan MH Thamrin no. 28-30, Jakarta

Not halal-certified
Some dishes may be suitable for vegetarians

Opening hours: Daily, mall opening hours

Featured in FoodieS May 2016 issue & Qubicle Jun 2016

Photography: Rian Farisa


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