OPEN: Teras Dharmawangsa (FoodieS & Qubicle, Apr 2016)

From the successful hospitality group Plataran here comes the Teras Dharmawangsa, a haven for quality comfort food housed at the prestigious Dharmawangsa Square.

Teras Dharmawangsa 4

There’s a brief respite for Jakartans who are traveling from the busy business districts on the city central to the lively southern part of Jakarta or vice versa, as they encounter the neighborhoods of Dharmawangsa and Panglima Polim. Verdant and laid back, this vicinity also bestows the passersby with the all strategic shopping arcade of Dharmawangsa Square.

Teras Dharmawangsa 1

As the latest tenant in the arcade, Teras Dharmawangsa appears very casual and welcoming. Still considered very recent since its opening date, the restaurant has already enjoyed considerable success. Dining hours see this establishment always at full house with patrons such as families and professionals.

While simplicity may be the façade of how Teras Dharmawangsa presents itself, however, everything was conjured very elaborately.

Teras Dharmawangsa 6

Firstly, the restaurant occupies vertically adjacent spaces up to the fourth floor. Hence, it caters not just walk-in customers numbering dozens at the same time on the first and second floor, but also groups in a more private area on the remaining floors. Making it easy for the patrons and the service, Teras Dharmawangsa also provides its own elevator.

Teras Dharmawangsa 3

The menu is all about the local identity fuses familiarly with Chinese flavors. The lineup is starting from appetizers such as the crispy fried enoki, youtiao (Chinese cruller), or soups such as tom yum, rawon, and sop buntut. Heading to a more familiar terrain on main courses are the several styles of fried rice, chicken and duck dishes, and noodles from pad thai, kwetiau, and the shop’s signature – the duck noodles.

Teras Dharmawangsa 5

In addition to offerings from beef and seafood, Teras Dharmawangsa also provides excellent sidekicks such as the string beans with chicken and eggs, kangkung belacan, bean sprouts with salted fish, tahu telor, and many more with quality and at a very reasonable price.

TERAS DHARMAWANGSA | Dharmawangsa Square, Jalan Dharmawangsa VI no. 38, Jakarta | T: +62 21 2751 3687 |

Opening hours: Daily, 8am – 9pm

Featured in FoodieS Apr 2016 issue and Qubicle:

Photography: Rian Farisa & Courtesy of Teras Dharmawangsa


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