EAT: The Caffeine Dispensary (JAX, Mar 2016)

In light of the emerging third wave coffee shops in Jakarta over the past few years, finally Kelapa Gading welcomes the pioneers to the neighborhood. One of the envoys that I visited recently was The Caffeine Dispensary.

The Caffeine Dispensary 4

Consider it as a bravura effort to introduce contemporary coffee trends to classic residential area like Kelapa Gading in this instance. People are still going to the golden triangle of Kebayoran Baru or any given coffee shops in other familiar areas around Jakarta for their hipster coffee intakes.

The Caffeine Dispensary 1

The Caffeine Dispensary 8

Judging that Kelapa Gading is very open to food businesses after all this time, these pioneers deem that the time is right for the neighborhood to receive their modernist coffee treatments. Among one of which is an “apothecary” called The Caffeine Dispensary at Jalan Kelapa Kopyor.

The Caffeine Dispensary 6

The street itself is among the serene areas behind a hustle bustle façade of Kelapa Gading boulevards. While the attention of people will usually go after the restaurants on the main streets, younger audience would visit this place in exchange for its redeeming values to suppress the hot weather outside with cold drinks and coffee – brewed by the machine and manually.

The Caffeine Dispensary 3

Entering the shop, the elegant beasts La Marzocco Strada and AK43 Mahlkonig grinder quickly greet everyone. The oversized bar could only mean one thing and that is to convey better communication between baristas and the customers. The open bar policy is a popular practice among third wave coffee shops around the globe, so that the empowering interaction would help to improve everyone’s understanding with coffee.

That’s exactly why I also enjoyed my time there.

The Caffeine Dispensary 7

Other than attending their coffee cupping session and paying myself with real attention about the coffee lessons as well as an intro about their broad scope of business to as far as Singapore and Bali, I treated myself also with their finely crafted croissant to accompany my coffee drinking experience.

The Caffeine Dispensary 5

So finally, congratulations for Kelapa Gading with the appearance of The Caffeine Dispensary and also with other notable coffee shops that we could find here. Now it’s your turn to scour the neighborhood for that long awaited weekend café hopping!


Not halal-certified
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Kelapa Kopyor Raya Blok 1 no. 16, Jakarta – Indonesia

RSVP: +62.21.4520.109

Opening hours:
Daily, 11am – 9pm



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