Flavor Preview: Pelmeni and Blini (Spasibo Russian Food, Jakarta)

It is rare to find Russian food in Jakarta. Years ago, I had that experience to taste one back in Saigon and yes I blew it. That’s why upon seeing a window of opportunity to taste Russian cuisine made fresh every day by Spasibo, it’s a surefire that I have to try it right away!

Pelmeni, filled with chicken
Pelmeni, filled with chicken

The main star today is the Pelmeni or one would say – the Siberian dumplings. With possible influences all the way from China and Central Asia, it turns out that there are versions coming from Ukraine and Poland as well. It’s a delicious national dish, I must say – especially with the chicken filling.


Secondly, the Blini for dessert. Rich and buttery, the pancakes were filled with chocolate sprinkles and grated cheddar. Kinda wish I could whip it alongside ice cream or even caviar.

Salad "Olivier"
Salad “Olivier”

In-between, we got the salad – namely ‘Olivier’ by the proprietor. It feels like a rendition of Dutch’s Huzarensla but without the pineapples. However, it feels very European and gave the balance to other brave comrades in the lunchbox.

So, now you know where to find good Russian food now in Jakarta. Would love to order it again some other time and it came very affordably – around 25,000/lunchbox! A Gojek driver would love to deliver it for you fresh every day.

More info, be sure to follow and contact @spasibo_russian_food directly.



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