QuikSkoop™: llaollao – Jakarta

Yes, I am fully aware that llaollao has been here for some time and even older back in Singapore. However, like the emergence of Sour Sally centuries ago, this one deserves to be on the spotlight of my blog as well. Big time!

While llaollao may not be huge here like in Singapore where you can find long queues even during odd hours, still this is a revitalized concept of eating frozen yogurt in a more satisfying way.

This is something that even before its arrival here around mid 2015, Sour Sally had already prepared something for the crowd as well with their new concept. It’s hard to actually see the impact nowadays since the dessert culture in Jakarta has been more booming than ever, but still llaollao is among the few who is not only brave but can cater its crowd with excellent scoops of wonderful yogurt and decadent toppings as the accompaniments.

llaollao 1

Let’s try Sanum, a multi-tiered frozen yogurt served in a glass and combined with fruits and sauces in between and on top of it for the latter. Choose from almost a dozen choices of fruits; crunches made from Chips Ahoy or OREO; and a throng of indulging sauces such as Praline, Creamy Caramel Sauce, Coffee, and many many more.

For me personally, it was memorable. There’s a sense of sinful indulgences and wellness at the same time. But to say that it is completely healthy, that might still be a subject of debate – especially those who are strict when it comes to yogurt.

But for me, I have no arguments about it and I would really enjoy it from time to time. It’s not cheap but the experience was worth it.


Halal-friendly (check on the halalness of the ingredients combinations)
Suitable for vegetarians


  • Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Central Park, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours: Daily, mall opening hours


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