It has been too long for us not to include ourselves with the beauty of eating seafood by hands.

This kind of affair does not require any sort of table manners or to mention, dignity. It requires only your mind to wander with the most daring combination between the fruits of the sea and how they will cook it. It requires only two of your hands to finish what you have started.

So I took on a special trip, in remembrance of how seafood eating experience should feel like, on a random street side stall which opens up during the night.

That night was what we have always been looking for since the olden times. It’s just an affair between us and the sweet shrimps, the juicy cockles, a pair of beautifully cooked fish, and my one and only – deep fried calamari.

Seafood 68 4 Seafood 68 3 Seafood 68 2 Seafood 68 1


Unsuitable for vegetarians

On the left side of the street after Mitra Hospital and before 7 Eleven

Opening hours: Daily, night time only



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