Soto Special: Soto Padang H. St. Mangkuto

It’s totally easy to find soto Padang anywhere in Jakarta these days, but ever since the day when I visited the real deal back in West Sumatra; a question then arises.

“Will I ever find another soto Padang as good as the one at Soto Garuda here in Jakarta?”

The day came when it’s time to try Soto Padang Sutan Mangkuto as a lot of considerations and voices were pointing me to this direction. Located in the heart of Jalan Pintu Air and nearby to Pasar Baru, this restaurant would be a great place to respite after a long walk of shopping or in our case, the second round after our soto Madura nearby.

The serving portion of soto Padang here is true to its authentic nature and similar with soto Kudus – in small bowls, which might require you to have seconds if you are that hungry and feels like spending more.

Soto Padang H. St. Mangkuto 1

Soto Padang has two interesting elements that are not seen in other soto dishes. One is the use of crispy fried beef lungs or alternatively the meat, and rice crackers colored in red sometimes smashed altogether inside or served separately. To accompany the lungs, traditionally there would only be a potato fritter and a bunch of vermicelli.

To answer the early question, I should say yes even only after a few scoops of the soto. It might be expensive but the satisfaction beats the price already. Although ultimately I still favor Garuda’s than Sutan Mangkuto’s, the soup quality here has that depth of flavor that you always yearn from a good soto. Secondly, the fried lungs are in abundance which makes the whole soto an exquisite treat.

Next time, it’s time to pair it with this restaurant’s nasi goreng rendang.


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Pintu Air no. 26, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours: Daily, 8.30am – 9pm



Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE Oct 2015 edition


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