One of the kings of Melbourne coffee shops finally opens its doors in J-Town. If you haven’t been there, it’s high time to visit ST. ALi at once!

ST. ALi (by Rian) 3 ST. ALi (by Rian) 4Last year, ST. ALi sent forth its best envoys such as the world class barista Matt Perger and latte art champion Ben Morrow to introduce themselves with Indonesian crowd at Common Grounds of Citywalk Sudirman, Jakarta.

Now in partnership with the latter, ST. ALi officially enters Southeast Asia for the first time and Indonesia’s capital becomes the first of many destinations around the globe in the future.
It is not a secret anymore that Jakarta’s specialty coffee aficionados have been asking for more and more with the already high in diversity coffee scene of the metropolis – from the local coffee shops that present a wide variety of Indonesian coffee beans, Starbucks as the emperor of “second-wave” coffee, to the emergence of “third-wave” proponents and to as far as Bali and owned by both natives and foreigners.

ST. ALi (official) (3) ST. ALi (official) (2)

The arrival of ST. ALi as a full-fledged third-wave coffee movement in J-town will surely become a game changer and also a great motivation for local movements to further compete in the competition and to further improve Indonesian coffee beans.

During the opening days of ST. ALi, which resides at a special corner of Setiabudi Building, the coffee shop has already garnered full house crowds from day to day basis – especially during lunch time.
Not only that it was because the special appearances of Matt Perger and Ben Morrow; the arrival of the coffee masters from Common Grounds such as Yosua Tanu and Aston Utan gave out more colors to the already enriched ST. ALi’s legacy of good coffee.

ST. ALi (by Rian) 5

ST. ALi now utilizes its Orthodox Blend of Colombia and Brazil for the white coffee lineup and Colombia with Guatemala for the black coffee-based beverages. While it may seem that Colombian coffee farmers play an important role as ST. ALi’s biggest and finest beans supplier, Matt Perger whispered to me that Indonesia would play a bigger role as well in the future.

Another cool thing that ST. ALi introduces us aside from the Espresso Bar is the Filter Bar, a designated corner where pour-over coffees are brewed. Currently, ST. ALi prepares single origins from Colombia’s El Illanito, Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe, and Kenya’s Asali – each with different and colorful notes to take for discerned specialty coffee lovers.
ST. ALi (by Rian) 1 ST. ALi (by Rian) 2

One last thing that ST. ALi seriously prepared for Indonesian crowd is its all-day breakfast menu and the best of the best from what’s hot in Melbourne. Under the supervision of the skillful Chef Mark Richardson, the hot kitchen showcases hearty burgers, steak sandwiches, classic Melbournian brunch menu and even the vegan dishes lineup.

It’s interesting to see where ST. ALi will lead Jakarta’s coffee scene into, as many eyes are on it now. So, for those of you coffee hipsters who have been there, pray tell us, will ST. ALi become your new favorite in town or not?


Not halal-certified
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Setiabudi Two, GF
Jalan HR Rasuna Said, Jakarta – Indonesia


Opening hours:
Daily, 7am – 6pm



Original link:

Photography by Rian Farisa & official images from ST. ALi


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