QuikSkoop™: Nasi Bebek Ginyo

Perhaps it was because that they want it to be efficient, or perhaps to cater the high turnover of the customers. But in many ways, serving fried ducks in particular, not fresh from the fryer will simply ruin the excitement – especially in nowaday’s hack-and-slash competition between bebek goreng industry.

Certainly that works in Sundanese restaurants, but they even actually offer to re-fry it or fry it from the scratch for the chicken for example. But this time, all I got was the answer of “That’s still new, so it’s okay” and then when I tasted it, it was already less than lukewarm. I couldn’t touch it with my hands and return it again to the tray while choosing it right? That would be inappropriate for other customers.

The only pro from Bebek Ginyo is the other options such as bebek cabe ijo, cabe merah, and grilled. Also for the all-you-can-eat lalapan, rice, and sambal. But for the main dish, the biggest competitor in the industry which is Kaleyo can handle everything fresh and still fast.

Not saying that I know everything behind the reason as to why they had to serve it already cooked like this but nowadays people are more into something fresh, healthier, and also tastier. The spices were not marinated up to my liking on another note during my experience here, especially that just a day before, I visited Begor Suryo and a few weeks ago – a nobody-knows nasi bebek in Halim with its superb marination for the ducks, chicken, and even catfish. So, in all, that adds up to a disappointed me.

My only hope is that Ginyo will one day consider again to serve their food fresh or at least if the customer asks for something fresh from the fryer or grills, or even to re-fry it; they will still accept such request.


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Tebet Utara no. 12, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62 21 829 2343

Opening hours: Daily, 11am – 11pm



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