EAT: Holiday Special Treats (JAX, Dec 2015)

Chef Nando shares his secret recipe for a successful Thanksgiving treat for everyone.

November and December are the favorite time of the year for many. Not only that there’s Thanksgiving with its famous treats, it’s also the season for trips and holidays. Perhaps even some of us have already planned to make this season the most exciting part of the year.

Fernando Sindu, the energetic chef with enormous creativity flair that we once interviewed back at Benedict, has decided to share the readers of JAX with his finest recipe for the holiday. For this occasion only, he has whipped us all with an easy recipe to follow but certainly, a very wholesome one.

The challenge would be the time consuming part during the cooking. However, for those who are aware with his renowned might and magic in the kitchens of Umabo and Benedict, it’s definitely a must-not-miss opportunity to challenge ourselves in the kitchen with this one.

This time, Chef Nando decides to substitute the turkey with chicken to make the whole cooking process simpler. As for the rest, he has prepared a good stuffing but with the use of apple as a twist and an ounce of sentimentality.

“I used to visit my friend’s home back in NY for the Thanksgiving dinner. What I remembered most is the scent of the herbs when I entered the house. There’s this smell of sage, thyme, and the lemony scent that made it all so good”, confesses the chef.

Aside from that, Chef Nando uses mashed sweet potato instead of the regular potato and pairing it with the good old cranberry sauce. Additionally, he’s also preparing the very quick and easy cream cheese potato salad for you to try.

He also shares us some tips and tricks to make the whole cooking process went well. “Firstly, the brining process of using salt and sugar is very important so that the chicken wouldn’t dry out when cooked. Secondly, we have to make sure that the skin should be crispy and the meat wholly cooked by putting some butter. Lastly, the stuffing should be made drenched by eggs or liquid. This time I will be using chicken stock and apple cider”, shares the chef.

There’s one last note also for us to be aware of and that came from the roasting process.

“The rule of thumb is to roast the chicken in high temperature first to get that crispy skin and next in low temperature to make sure that the meat is well-cooked”, says Chef Nando.

It has become apparent that this will be the Thanksgiving treat that everybody will be longing for in their homes.

Meanwhile, we welcome you to give it a try and we wish you a happy holiday!



Apple-sage stuffing roast chicken with sweet potatoes mash, country gravy, cranberry sauce, and cream cheese potatoes salad.

Yield: 4 people

Roast chicken 

chicken, large broiler, 900g-1100g                1ea
butter                                                                               40gr
thyme, sprigs                                                               1ea
salt and pepper                                                           as needed

Apple sage stuffing  

apples, medium diced                                               50gr
bread, medium diced                                                30gr
onions, medium diced                                              25gr
celery, medium diced                                               5gr
carrot, medium diced                                               5gr
garlic, chopped                                                            5gr
shallots, chopped                                                       5gr
apple cider                                                                     25ml
eggs                                                                                   1ea
salt and pepper                                                           as needed
thyme, parsley, sage                                                 5gr

Sweet potatoes mash

sweet potatoes                                                       50gr
pumpkin                                                                      50gr
butter                                                                           20gr
cream                                                                           10ml
milk                                                                               10ml
salt and pepper                                                       as needed

Turkey gravy

chicken stock                                                             200ml
bones/wing tips                                                        50gr
flour, all purpose                                                      20gr
butter                                                                             15gr
onions and carrot                                                    20gr
salt and pepper                                                         as needed

Cranberry sauce

frozen cranberry                                                    200gr
sugar                                                                              40gr
lemon juice                                                                10ml

Cream cheese potato salsa

baby potatoes, cooked, cut half                      200gr
cream cheese                                                             30gr
mayonnaise                                                                 20gr
red onions, bronoise                                              10gr
chopped herbs                                                           5gr
salt and pepper                                                          as needed


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