Since the day Fitzroy started it around a couple of years ago, Jakarta has been in constant fever with menyadon or what the Australian would call their version of gyutandon.

Negiya as one of the latest proponents of this comfort food that boasts its lineup of good looking rice bowls. While Negiya’s twists for chicken bowls and even the salmon do look good, by my choice should start from the most basic and yet also one of the premium dishes there – the beef tongue rice bowl or the menya gyutan don.

Negiya 1

The very big downside of my first visit at their Kota Kasablanka’s latest outlet was the service. Despite the early good attitude, the waitress forgot to put my order at the POS and I had to wait a long time after my wife’s beef togarashi don.

I was happy with the taste and everything, except that there was too many chilies while I actually asked it to be reduced initially – thanks to the forgetful waitress.

Now, I am craving again the dish all over again. Hopefully this time Negiya has already improved the service part. All I have to do next is lay back, relax, and wait for another Negiya’s magical twist of comforting Japanese rice bowls.


Not halal-certified
Unsuitable for vegetarians

Addresses & opening hours:


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