What Chef Eats: Alvrie Manangka

The influence of Northern Sulawesi cuisines breeds many excellent cooks and chefs. Next, we have Chef Alvrie Manangka and his story about his colorful seafood soup.

Chef Alvrie Manangka 1

Born and raised in a family where recipes of good food became one of the most important of all family heirlooms, the young Alvrie were more than excited to assist his mother and especially his grandmother back in the kitchen.

Name anything Manadonese including the mighty bruine bonensoep that his grandmother cooks and he fell in love with them all. For the What Chef Eats of this issue, Chef Alvrie decided to share a twist of his grandma recipe.

“Fish stock is what she does best as well. Usually we’ll be using it for other dishes”, he says.

The dish that Chef Alvrie presents in front of us is about how he utilizes his grandmother’s divine stock to the next level. “Since it’s a fish stock, I usually add it with fresh seafood from the fish, prawns, and mussels”, says Chef Alvrie.

“Grandma usually mixes the stock with sambal, but I like it a bit different – something fresh like putting bird eye chilies to my seafood soup”, he explains.

His mother and grandma as his inspirational figures in turn encouraged the teenage Alvrie to start plunging himself deeper in the tough hot kitchen life. Together with the encouragement of the culinary professionals he had been working for, Alvrie decided to enroll in a proper school.

The rest is history as he traversed many countries before settling down in Indonesia and fulfilling his role as the all important Chef de Cuisine of View and K22 Bar of Fairmont Jakarta.


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE Dec 2015 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!


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