STAY: Village Hotel Katong – Singapore [Far East Hospitality] (JAX, Dec 2015)

Experiencing the charm of Peranakan neighborhood of Katong in the island-city state that bridges history, cultures, and comfort.

There’s always a road less traveled even in a sprawling city such as Singapore. While the architectural feats of this island city-state fascinate millions every year, this time, a little change of scenery to another neighborhood showed me that Singapore is more than just a modern metropolitan.

The verdant Katong is a charming neighborhood with a long history for hundreds of years. Katong was once filled with plantations and estates owned by wealthy Europeans and Asians settlers which we can still see the latter preserved almost everywhere in the vicinity. Additionally, all of this made Katong an area rich in both Peranakan and Eurasian heritages.

Katong was once filled with plantations and estates owned by wealthy Europeans and Asians settlers which we can still see the latter preserved almost everywhere in the vicinity.

In the light of preserving this legacy and to bring everyone to see a completely different Singaporean experience, Village Hotel Katong introduces itself as a bridge of history, cultures, and comfort.

VH Katong (2)

Situated conveniently on both Marine Parade Road on the southern part of it and East Coast Road from the north side, Village Hotel Katong offers a strategic advantage for those who wish to scour the area, to shop or dine, and for any lovers of nature and culture.

The hotel itself is across the street from Parkway Parade shopping mall and a short walk to the East Coast Park and the beach. Meanwhile from the East Coast Road, heading to Joo Chiat Road has never been this easy, especially to find out more about the street’s beautiful shophouses and restaurants.

Aside from serving as Katong’s best hub for such adventure, Village Hotel Katong presents itself as an envoy of Peranakan culture where patrons can witness artistic finesse around the hotel, from the lobby and up to each of its 229 rooms.

Premier Peranakan Room
Superior Twin Room

The main highlight should be given to Village Hotel Katong’s design of the room. With different colors representing different types of room; each of it actually bears beautiful similarity from the silver backdrops, intricate Peranakan motifs found from the carpets, drapes, and also the artworks.

The Peranakan Club for example, possesses this harmony between space, comfort, and its esthetic aspects. The warm blue color enlightens many parts of the room but retains the balance with this homely atmosphere that makes the room feels luxuriously relaxing.

In addition to the hotel’s comprehensive facilities such as the swimming pool, gym, meeting rooms, the Peranakan lounge for club rooms, and the halal-certified Katong Kitchen as the all-day dining; the whole establishment is made complete with a shopping arcade connected directly to the hotel.

Village Hotel Katong Gym
Katong Kitchen Resto

In order to make the staying experience more memorable, Village Hotel Katong also prepares complimentary shuttle services.

Firstly, for the business travelers, the hotel provides a dedicated one-way shuttle from the hotel to the industrial and business areas around Bedok, Kaki Bukit, Ubi, Tai Seng, and also Changi.

Secondly for everyone, a complimentary airport shuttle is available every day, departing from the hotel every 90 minutes from as early as 5am to as late as 12:30 a.m.

By providing such services in addition to the hotel’s strategic and comfort values, Village Hotel Katong is seriously vying to become the frontrunner of hospitality right from the heart of this historic neighborhood. The charming Katong area with all of its uniqueness and rich legacy is now made complete with this one jewel that is ready to welcome you anytime.


Village Hotel Katong

25 Marine Parade Road, Singapore
T: +65.6344.2200



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Satoo Deli: How To Order That Perfect Cake From Home

As one of the most elaborated hotels in Jakarta with the immense offerings coming from its outlets, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta does not forget that pastry plays a very important role at that. With the all-new delivery service from Satoo Deli, I was delighted with the opportunity to sample their best with only a few clicks from home.

The inauguration of excited me personally. After all this time tasting the best of Pastry Chef Mathias Dusend’s creations only from the magical Satoo’s dessert section, finally it’s time to sample one of his best wholly.

Satoo Deli (2)

The steps are actually very simple and even to begin with, the layout of the website was designed to support easy user experience.

Firstly, what you have to do is to choose the category of the delectable offerings that you wish to order.

Satoo Deli (3)

Since this time I will be choosing one of the cakes, here is the lineup of the cakes available for you to order. Perhaps in time, the list will grow and at any time, subject to availability as well.

Satoo Deli (4)

If you are ready to place an order, simply click BUY ME and then you will be brought to another screen with details about the cake. This time, I would like to entertain my wife by presenting her the Black Forest Cake – with the halalness ensured by the staffs and Chef Mathias himself.

The most important part of this section is to choose the size of the cake and that will also determine the price as well. After you have satisfied, click ADD TO CART.

Satoo Deli (5)

There will only several screens left that you have to go through before placing the order effectively. What you have to do next is to confirm the items and fill in the details of the address and all the necessaries.

Satoo Deli (6) Satoo Deli (1)

After this stage, it’s pretty much done. I took the liberty to customize the order by asking Satoo Deli to write a special greeting words for my wife and wondering whether the delivery can be made right away.

Not long after I finalized the order, somebody from Satoo Deli called and said that the delivery can only be made the next day to ensure the freshness and the availability. I had no quarrels since I ordered it late in the afternoon. However, it was reassuring to know that they’re personally confirming directly to us about the order and that the order can also be made for the future as well. Perhaps you might want to order your cakes way far beforehand and Satoo Deli will surely help you with that.

So, when the next day comes, the beautiful cake arrived and as expected, it was perfection on every bite.

Satoo Deli (7)

Thank you Satoo Deli!




Kenalan sama Rian Farisa, Salah Satu Food Blogger Pertama di Indonesia (via Mozaic Magazine)

rian farisa

Laki-laki yang berada di balik blog The Gastronomy Aficionado ini cerita panjang lebar soal food blogger masa kini.

Menarik untuk melihat pesatnya perkembangan media saat ini. Beberapa tahun lalu, nggak ada yang menganggap serius apa yang ditulis oleh para blogger. Menganggap mereka hanya sekumpulan hipster yang menemukan mainan baru dan isi blog mereka hanya curahan hati tidak penting.

Mereka yang awalnya suka foto-foto makanan sebelum makan pun nggak jarang sekarang sudah jadi food blogger kenamaan. Mereka lebih serius menulis tentang makanan di blog yang dimilikinya. Untuk artikel kali ini, kami sempat ngobrol bareng sama Rian Farisa, pemilik blog The Gastronomy Aficionado. Ini ceritanya.

rian farisaSalah Satu Food Blogger Pertama di Indonesia

Penyuka makanan bisa jadi tahu kalau Rian merupakan salah satu yang paling awal merintis ‘food blogging.’ Laki-laki yang memiliki latar belakang pendidikan di bidang perbankan ini awalnya hanya menulis blog sebagai hobi. “Saya suka menulis. Saat itu memutuskan untuk menulis blog dalam bahasa Inggris karena keinginan pribadi saja. I have other blogs about my other interests, tapi food blog ini juga saya tangani dengan serius,” jelas Rian.

Rian ingat bahwa restoran pertama yang ia review adalah sebuah restoran Jepang di daerah Sudirman, di dekat kantor lamanya. ”Sekarang sudah tutup. Dan sudah saya cantumkan di blog saya juga kalau restoran itu sudah tutup,” cerita Rian sambil tertawa.

Blognya Tetap Harus Sesuai Standar Jurnalisme

Rian mengatakan dari awal memulai blog ia sudah ingin agar tulisan yang ia pakai di blognya tetap memenuhi standar jurnalisme, tapi juga tetap kasual. “Blog harus punya ciri khas pribadi pemiliknya. Standard proper writing, but with personal touch. Dulu banyak yang bilang review makanan saya lebih nyinyir, tapi setahun terakhir malah pada nanya kok nggak nyinyir lagi,” Rian tertawa di ujung kalimatnya. Kalau sudah tahu gaya bahasa yang paling sesuai menurut kamu, coba tuangkan hobi review makanan kamu di berbagai platform blog pilihan kami ini.

Kalau Mau Jadi Food Blogger…

“Food blogger sudah pasti harus suka makan. Malah kalau kita bertemu food blogger yang makannya cuma sedikit kita merasa aneh,” dia tertawa lagi. “Pengalaman tentunya akan membantu kita untuk semakin artikulatif dalam menulis. Jadi tulisan kita juga semakin berkembang. Masalah jam terbang dan juga aktivitas di blog.”

Food Blogger saat Ini

“Lima tahun lebih yang lalu sudah ada food bloggers sebenarnya, tapi memang sangat sedikit. Social media platform juga belum ada, jadi tidak banyak interaksi. Setahun terakhir jumlahnya semakin banyak, makanya saya dan teman-teman menginginkan supaya ada wadah ini. Konsep ke depannya masih harus kita bahas, tapi paling tidak semua sudah memiliki arah yang jelas bahwa komunitas food blogger ini ingin kita seriuskan,” jelas Rian yang akhirnya memilih untuk meninggalkan pekerjaannya di bidang perbankan dan menjadi full time blogger/writer.

Memutuskan untuk Resign dari Pekerjaan

Sudah seserius itu sampai meninggalkan pekerjaan hariannya? “Aktivitas semakin banyak dan rasanya mustahil membagi waktu dengan pekerjaan menulis saya,” aku Rian yang sesekali menjadi kontributor (tetap untuk makanan) dan beberapa kali muncul di Televisi dalam kapasitasnya sebagai food reviewer. Rian sudah menyikapi food blog nya secara profesional sejak tahun 2010. Saat ia mulai menerima undangan-undangan untuk me-review makanan di restoran dan blog nya semakin banyak dibaca orang.

“Saya memilih untuk fokus dengan pekerjaan menulis saya karena akhirnya saya bisa memiliki waktu lebih untuk keluarga saya. Saya juga bisa menulis apa adanya dan berkesempatan untuk lebih belajar tentang tulis menulis,” lanjut Rian lagi. “Tentunya kita senang saat media yang lebih besar sudah memperhatikan kita dan apa yang kita tulis. But the bloggers have to keep their standard, live up their passion,” tandasnya.

Harus Terus Berkembang

“Saya juga nggak menyangka semua akan jadi seperti sekarang ini. Food blog ini menjadi portfolio berjalan saya. Saya masih menulis yang lain juga, di mana saya mendapatkan honor. Kini blog saya nggak hanya tentang review makanan tapi juga bisa wawancara dengan chef, food product review. Sudut pembahasan tentang kuliner itu sendiri terus berkembang. Keterbukaan pada kreativitas akan membuka sudut pandang baru,” tutupnya.

Panjang banget ya ngobrol bareng kami dengan Rian? Tapi bagus kan isinya? Banyak yang bisa kamu pelajari untuk bisa jadi food blogger yang sukses kayak Rian. Yang penting, niatnya.


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