Dish That I Crave: Swensen’s Ice Cream! – Singapore

Like martabak manis and telur, Indonesian KFC used to have this intimate relationship with Swensen’s. Many of their outlets back then in 90s had a Swensen’s ice cream dipping cabinet.

Early KFC fans would never miss the chance for that one tasty scoop of its mighty ice cream. It might be quite expensive for a school kid like me back then, but once-in-a-while treat of Swensen’s is a must.

At one juncture that I cannot remember, sadly, Swensen’s simply disappeared and its ice cream culture was replaced by traveling vendors or ice cream cups from nearby convenient shops.

Swensen's 2

After so many years now, finally I took my chance to pay homage for that sweet childhood before my flight back home from Changi, Singapore. Well, Swensen’s is ubiquitous in Singapore, but that alone never gave me the opportunity to stop by and enjoy what they have to offer.

Earlier, we wanted to just share our ice cream but since the staff told us that we can get buy-one-get-one deal for a price of one serving, we decided to go for the rampage!

Swensen's 1

Two servings of combination flavors came and it was purely nostalgic. Swensen’s ice cream has the no fuss, classic taste – unlike nowadays’ ice cream with its sophisticated flavors and thicker consistency. This is the very taste that should be familiar with Indonesians but again sadly, they might not be coming back here.

Even so, now I know where to go for my sweet tooth treats once in a while during my travels abroad. Swensen’s does not only serve ice cream but also international cuisines as well. Price is quite affordable even for Singapore and there will be more for me to try for my upcoming visits someday soon, hopefully.


Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Addresses & opening hours:


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