Nagasari Curry House is dear to many fellow Indian food lovers of Kuala Lumpur, including one of its top lifestyle referral magazine. Which is why I decided to task myself with this endeavor and find out why.

Yes, I will tell you the name. Time Out Kuala Lumpur. That’s the name of the publication that I mentioned earlier and Nagasari is so dear to them and that it received several awards from the magazine.

As an ex-Time Out Jakarta (in memoriam), I felt the urge instantly to come here (and it takes only a short walk from Bukit Bintang, apparently). In a leafy neighborhood where several traditional eateries found as well, Nagasari opens its door for 24 hours every day for those who seek full-fledged Indian food, nasi kandar, or iced pulled tea to beat the heat.

It was 3pm and nowhere near dinner obviously. That’s why I got the whole restaurant for myself. Service was very attentive and the menu got everything you need from local fares, Indian, and some of Thai cuisines. Inside, the self-service nasi kandar counter is at your disposal, but I decided to share tandoori chicken with my wife.

Nagasari 1

The cooking process took some time and I wondered why. When the dish came, it was a grand treat even for both of us! Nagasari literally gave out well-cooked and chopped whole chicken alongside rice and three side dishes from the nasi kandar counter. Additionally, my wife ordered one serving of huge garlic naan and it was accompanied with three types of curry.

Well, that was a feast, but my plan since the beginning was to share it with my wife (who apparently that time was not really too hungry). Nevertheless I dug in and I found joy. The tandoori chicken was good, rice was nice, and each ingredient support one another. However, I have to agree that it was not entirely too rich, in a way that Indonesians would want to have for their taste buds.

Nagasari 2

We could have actually finished the naan but we decided to take away the remainder of it for our night time snacks back at the hotel. In all, Nagasari was an interesting choice and there might be a next time whenever I am at Bukit Bintang and looking for good deal of lunch.

Upon my next visit in the future, I would really like to try the banana leaf Indian food. If you happen to have your favorite in the city, do let me know! 😉


Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Nagasari, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours



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