Singapore makes me always in need to be in motion. Where ever I am, it’s necessary to absorb as much culture and other advancements unseen in Indonesia. Singapore in particular, has plenty coming in from India – as we all know.

Food naturally becomes the pivotal part of my adventures here as you would grow tired and hungry from all those walks. During my visit recently to Mustafa Center (as always), ABM became my choice for the late night dinner.

Six years ago, ABM became a memorable place for me and my colleagues with its dinner and drinks. Now, it is my time with the wife.

Previously, we had a really nice experience back at Komala’s but of course, it would be a waste to not try something new for her. ABM itself is bustling with customers and at around 10pm, it started to ran out of what I was looking for through its menu.

ABM Restaurant 1

Again, I was ‘forced’ to order the biryani and chicken this time. The guy behind the bar was quick to serve my requests – from piling up the rice, the chicken, and the achar and up to brewing our iced horlicks and pulled tea.

The price was very friendly, as expected, and the taste was also decent. The downside of it is that the rice was a bit cold, but I was pleased to see that everyone of many nationalities around were enjoying their dinner.

We came back home quite content, but our dinner back at Komala’s was still more memorable. Perhaps next time.


Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

136 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore
T: +65 6299 2723

Opening hours: Daily, morning – 11pm




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