Yes, yes, I know I may be overdoing this but there’s no denying that I fell in love so deep with Nando’s. This time, it’s the one from Malaysia.

I was probably quite unlucky that when there used to be Nando’s in Jakarta, I missed it big time. However, I paid it dearly during my visits consecutively to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur last time.

Nando’s is ubiquitous in the capital city of Malaysia, but my main concern that time was to actually try the local stuff instead the usual franchised brands.

So the opportunity finally arrives as I was expecting my next flight back to Jakarta at klia2. After carefully choosing which one that would be best for our dinner, of course, Nando’s came up as an obvious choice of all.

It was busy that night but the service was excellent. We were also recommended with Nando’s set for two people which consists of whole chicken with two sides and two drinks. The price was of course, way cheaper than in Singapore and we decided to take the offer.

It was probably one of the best airport dinner I ever had in my entire life. Everything was up to the standard when compared with the one in Singapore, halal-certified, and the chicken with the sides of Mediterranean rice and grilled vegetables were out of this world.

We finished 3/4 of the chicken and decided to bring the rest back home. The waiter was kind enough to provide extra protection for the chicken and the next morning, it was still really good.

Well, I had not complaints at all in terms of everything. The taste was excellent, service was good, and it was really suitable with the pricing (unlike Singapore – sorry). It’s now up to my next trip heading back there sometime soon. Will let you know again if I try something else!


Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Address (Malaysia only):


Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm


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