Foodie Quotes #59

“I love good food. I’m an epicurean, that’s for sure… But I am not really a good cook.”
– Gaspard Ulliel

Culinary artistry of the Uighur Muslims (via Aquila Style)

Our good Uighur Muslim friends from Xinjiang, China have been writing in and reminding us they are not Chinese. Here, we pay a real culinary tribute to their wonderful food artisans for coming out with such unique techniques in creating flavour and colour on a plate.

EAT: Shabu Ghin (JAX, Nov 2015)

Conveniently located on South Jakarta’s prime area, this brand new shabu shabu eatery is setting a new crowd with menu that offers more than just beef.

PHD Presents The Real Cheeseburger Pizza!

Setelah sekian tahun dimanjakan oleh gesitnya layanan pesan antar dan berbagai variasi pizza-nya yang selalu menggoda, kini PHD kembali memperkenalkan kreasi pizza terbarunya – Cheeseburger Pizza!

Chef Eats: Dewa Putu Rai

When you are caught in confusion on what to pick between two best choices, sometimes you just have to pick both. In this issue, Chef Dewa Putu Rai decided to share both of his favorite meals to us.