Halal Eat Out: Long John Silver’s – Singapore

Yup, right. Long John Silver’s. My first time with Singapore’s one of oldest fast food chains. My aim was to get a good pseudo-experience eating something that Fish & Co. or MFM has to offer, and it was actually quite pleasant. Here’s a bit about it.

Street Food: Gudeg Cihapit Pak Ramidin

As a city far from the gudeg civilization in Central Java, Bandung actually has a good trace of this delicacy in many corners of it. My favorite that has been around for some time is none other than the inconspicuous Gudeg Cihapit and its exquisite taste.

Another look at prophetic medicine (via Muslimvillage.com)

Islamic Medicine should be understood as a category of scientific medical knowledge practiced by early Muslim physicians whereby such knowledge was developed through hypothesis, observation and experimentation and subsequently codified into an Islamic medical system.