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The golden era of lengthy console and PC gaming era may not yet over for some, but in this era, there’s a huge demand from the owners of smartphones or laptop users over something simpler and faster.

The early 21st century saw a peaked interest of gamers playing arcade-style puzzle games over their laptop and PC. Pursuing perfection or high scores on every level that the game provides became a challenge of its own like the olden days of arcade machines.

Today, we saw the development of more genres but still faithful to the similar mission of providing the gamers a simple yet challenging entertainment. The basic formula is to build, to best the challenges, and to proceed from one level to another. This is where excels at and of course, by not providing one or two genres but a lot of them!

As you can see here, the opening page displays a lot of options even with users of high familiarity over this type of gaming. Users can first choose the language and sort their preference by choosing the genre or based on popularity.

1 poki - welcome opening page
The list of games
The list of games
List of games by categories
List of games by categories

It was clear for me that the genre that I am looking forward most is all about cooking or anything related to food. While that was quite apparent, I was very much intrigued to try other genres as well. Perhaps after this one!

List of cooking games
List of cooking games

But which to choose? I decided to seek the most popular one and chose Papa’s Pastaria as a starter.

I expected that this will be something like rushing out to serve the best for your restaurant’s customers. Well, it’s quite similar but apparently Papa’s Pastaria has this twist that makes it different than the rest.

Papa's Pastaria
Papa’s Pastaria

What I appreciate from aside the large collections of games is also the attention to details such as providing the walkthrough video of every game and for Papa’s Pastaria itself with a story background supported by an intro video.


Perhaps due to the magnitude of the project, the graphic quality was made sufficient for any specs and internet bandwidth, especially here in Indonesia with all of the speed limitations as we know it. Therefore, the drawing quality may not be that intricate or too artistic or the game itself too heavy, but it’s good to know that it runs well and ultimately – entertaining.

The order begins
The order begins

Papa’s Pastaria is quite challenging, but the tutorial was helpful enough to get you started with the dynamics. The rest is, of course, up to the learning curve that you receive from every level of it.

8 cook 9 build 10 bread

The mission is to serve your customers with their custom orders of pasta. The challenge lies with the customization itself – from choosing the type of pasta, how to cook it al dente, and finally to the assembly line of sauces, cheese, sides, and lastly the bread toasting as well as delivering it for the customer.

11 eval 12 shop

Your execution with the dish will reflect their judgment and in the end, the tip you will get for restaurant improvements and other bonus is entirely up to their satisfaction. While it may be quite straightforward, but the building of the dish itself and the time management will intrigue even the most experienced players. It’s something that I often test to myself as a self-claimed experienced gamer, mind you. 😉


To sum up my experience with’s Papa Pastaria, I was thoroughly pleased with the whole experience. Everything from the start was made streamlined and users can decide the best course to proceed with their gaming experience.

Each of the game was designed with both a degree of simplicity for easy access and intricacy for the challenge. The best thing about it definitely the experience itself but the added value came when presents also a story line as well as tutorial for each game.

There’s a lot for me to explore even from this small start, but I am sure that there’s plenty more to experience in a fun way even from the cooking games genre. So, what’s yours then? If we are thinking the same, then you surely should start with the challenging Papa Pastaria or perhaps with Sara and Emma editions with their businesses? Give it a try!



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