Ya Kun Kaya Toast is everywhere in Singapore. As one of the oldest, they have even expanding themselves in other Asian countries, including Indonesia as well. One time, I enjoyed my brunch having the kaya toast and a cup of hot black coffee back in Bandung.

But how does it feel to have it at the origin country itself? It’s an experience that I have to try myself.

Staying at AMOY on Telok Ayer Street during my last visit to Singapore was a great experience. Not only that I witnessed firsthand at how the old heritage can live side by side peacefully with the modern Singapore, but I got to stay at an extremely pleasant hotel with a rich selections of food around the neighborhood.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast at 18 China Street is the first one that started it all. As the jewel of the Lau Pa Sat region here, people are flocking since early morning for breakfast and even in weekends. China Street itself lies in the heart of Singapore’s CBD and it is quite surprising to find a lot of people around on holiday.

We were seated and service was quick and helpful. Courtesy is not to be expected – which typically a Singaporean character, but if your breakfast come in early and right, you won’t have any complaints about that.

Due to the speedy nature of everything, breakfast was confined only to two set menus – it’s either kaya toast or French toast with coffee/tea and soft boiled eggs. Perhaps the menu will be more complete in the afternoon or night, but then again, due to so many people around, it was arguably the management decision to limit the menu.

Kaya toast
French toast
French toast

For a very affordable breakfast like this and quite fulfilling apparently, I was thoroughly pleased. It’s good to actually eat in a pleasant surroundings, swift service, and quite hearty (for an Indonesian like me who prefers bubur ayam or nasi uduk in the morning).

The eggs were good with a bit of soy sauce and peppers and the milk coffee worked just right. The bread was perfectly toasted, crisp, and works really nicely with the butter and the kaya spread. I decided to bring back a bottle, but from Mustafa apparently. However, thanks to Ya Kun for the motivation!

It’s another good round of kaya toast breakfast like last time when I visited Tong Ah in Chinatown. I think I can enjoy more of breakfast like this, setting aside rice once in a while.


Suitable for vegetarians



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