Yup, right. Long John Silver’s. My first time with Singapore’s one of oldest fast food chains. My aim was to get a good pseudo-experience eating something that Fish & Co. or MFM has to offer, and it was actually quite pleasant. Here’s a bit about it.

Ubiquitous all over Singapore, Long John Silver’s has been known to Singaporeans since 1983. Faithfully offering fast food style fish and chips and other variations of it, well, apparently it is something which is currently non-existent in Indonesia.

Indonesians love their rice and fried chicken too much and it forces some burger-based fast food chains to adapt with this extreme fondness. Lucky that it seems more and more Indonesians fell in love with burgers every year.

However, when it comes to fish in fast food chain, well, not so much. My one and only love aside from Indonesia’s McD’s muffins is the Fillet O’Fish, used to be missing for several years and now reappearing to the surface. Hey! Perhaps it is high time for Long John Silver’s to arrive here.

So, one night, I was visiting the one at Bugis. Cramped and full of people, the cashier greeted me coldly. Tried my best to be helpful and smiling but to no avail. Well, couldn’t complain about this side of Singaporeans but most importantly, she did the job right.

My usual set of fish and chips were okay. It was a bit too oily (well, what do you expect Rian?) but I kinda enjoyed it. Meanwhile, my wife decided to try something else. The grilled dory with chili crab sauce and it was much, much better.

The dory came in big, all bathed beautifully with the chili sauce, and served with vegetables and rice. Tried to snatch several of scoops from her plate and she became protective. Haha.. But that’s my wife! A foodie like Joey Tribbiani.

Anyway, I was happy to clear her plate up since she became full quite fast. At any rate, it was always a pleasant thing to do with her with all these foodie adventures.

Next time, I might be trying the Fish & Co. in Singapore. first. It’s not yet halal-certified in Indonesia and I pretty much like to have it with some peace of mind. Or, Long John Silver’s, maybe you could come here instead.


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Check the website for addresses and menu

Opening hours: Daily, 7.30am or 8am (at selected outlets) – 10pm


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