As a city far from the gudeg civilization in Central Java, Bandung actually has a good trace of this delicacy in many corners of it. My favorite that has been around for some time is none other than the inconspicuous Gudeg Cihapit and its exquisite taste.

There are two parts of Jalan Cihapit; a street mostly known for its traditional market, shops, and street food. Divided by the uber famous Jalan Riau; seek for the less traveled, leafier side of Jalan Cihapit where you can find street tailors, vinyl shops, audio equipments and used goods.

If you can determine which side which, then all you need to do next is to head there early in the morning and look for the unassumingly small, modest pushcart located on the right side – not too far from the traffic light direction.

Encamped on the side of the street with only several seats available, Gudeg Cihapit was already overwhelmed with hungry customers upon my arrival. The cold Bandung morning has always been successful to whet the appetite for good breakfast, and Pak Ramidin’s gudeg is a formidable choice to appease that.

Huge saucepans were all fully filled with jack fruit stew, tofu, eggs, chicken, and krecek (cow/buffalo skin stew). Naturally, the formation of most gudeg is rice, tofu and egg, and also jack fruit stew and krecek. However, Pak Ramidin’s initiative to provide beef stew, tempe bacem, and potato fritters makes his gudeg more charming than ever.

There’s something exquisite, as I told you earlier, about Pak Ramidin’s gudeg. Yes, he cooked everything perfectly. Each came from a good quality ingredient and he generously gave out so many flavors for every element of the gudeg.

The sweet note may be the most dominant of all but thanks to Pak Ramidin’s beef stew, he also put some of the broth into it. Now there’s a complexity not just from the texture, but also from other notes found in the stew as well as the spiciness from the krecek and sambal. How intriguing!

Now celebrating his 25th year in the business; his gudeg recipe has now been perfected and I daresay that his version is among the best in Bandung.

So then perhaps he will follow the footsteps of a particular competitor who was once started from the street and now owns two restaurants? We shall see. But first, let us have that breakfast!


Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Cihapit (across Kambing Bakar Cairo), Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours:
Daily, 6am – finish (around 10am)

Spend: IDR 15,000 – IDR 20,000 / person



Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE Aug 2015 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!


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