Visiting the Chinatown area in Singapore is a must-not miss opportunity, especially for foodies.

Previously, I had my share of breakfast at one of the oldest kopitiam in the city. Quite recently, I learned that the Chinatown is actually not all about the Chinese, but it is also a melting pot of people with religions such as Islam and Hinduism.

It’s cool to actually feel the all Chinese atmosphere around with the lanterns and typical Oriental-style trinkets and souvenirs around, but to also witness a huge Hindu temple and the oldest masjid in Singapore was another wonder for me.

After visiting the Masjid Jamae Chulia, the cravings for good lunch started to kick in and looking at TAJ on the intersection of Mosque Street with all the halal food offerings suddenly draw us in further.

Entering TAJ was probably the best decision we ever made in Singapore. Although at one point we were unsure of the price since there’s no menu around to be seen, but the owner ensured us indirectly with words such as “halal” and “affordable”. Now becoming surer than ever, we ordered another good deal of nasi biryani with lamb curry for my wife and two huge garlic naan for me.

While we were waiting, we looked around and see how underrated this place is since no one was there yet perhaps or we were too early. TAJ is clean, air-conditioned, neat, and very strategic. We were about to taste their Northern Indian offerings in a minute but I felt already comfortable with everything.

It’s probably because the food is presented like in a canteen and you can choose anything you want from what we always order in Singapore to tandoori, dal, and other good looking Indian food.

Not long, the food started to come and we dug in heartily. It was really good! After all, I slightly preferred this over Mufiz, perhaps because TAJ is air-conditioned and made it more comfortable for us to stay and dine.

The naan was also exceptionally delicious. We thought that it was too much for both of us but we managed to finish everything, squeaky clean. Lastly, the big surprise was that everything only cost around USD 15!

We would be very happy to visit TAJ some other time because of everything that we had experienced. However, it would be better if we scour Singapore for another interesting Middle Eastern and Indian eateries somewhere else. Let’s find somewhere else that could beat TAJ (or perhaps none in the end?).

Let’s find out about it!


Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

214 South Bridge Road (on the corner of Mosque St.), Singapore
T: +65 6226 6020

Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 11.30am – 8pm



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