Probably my biggest regret is that I missed the opportunity to eat at Sarinah’s Komala’s back then. It’s now already a history and we are now forced to eat at expensive places for Indian food in Jakarta.

Which is why that, again, this is my sole mission to enjoy good Indian food while in Singapore and Komala’s happens to be also halal-certified!

Not sure what is the main reason why Indonesians are not really fond of Indian food in general. We’re more closely attached to Middle Eastern food in a sense, but even so both cuisines are still alien if compared with the ubiquitous Chinese and Japanese food.

So back to business, Komala’s is a vegetarian restaurant that derives most of its influence from Southern Indian cuisine. It was almost midnight but the spilling from Mustafa Center keeps on coming one by one here. Lucky that the cashier was still in good spirit and helped me with the service swiftly.

Picking the vegetarian biryani set with dhal tadka, yogurt, and pappadams; one plate for two was more than enough for both of us to be happy. It was not only romantic but also hearty. Altogether with a large cup of Fanta Orange, we had our most exciting time on the first day I brought my wife for the first time to Singapore.

There are so many rooms to explore but it would be waste to just visit Komala’s while neglecting the rest. However, rest assured, the next time we’re heading for Mustafa again, then a visit here would be a full certainty.


All dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Address (Singapore only):

  • Upper Dickson Rd.
  • Tanglin Mall
  • Serangoon Rd.
  • North Point
  • Chevron House


Opening hours: Daily, 7am – 11.30pm


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