EAT / Kahvehane: Seniman Coffee Studio (JAX, Oct 2015)

A creative coffee establishment in the art city of Ubud on the Island of Gods is scaling the new height of what caffeine treat has to offer.

Seniman Coffee 1

The third wave coffee movement gives away a lot of room for exploration both from the business perspective and from our side, as the people who are enchanted by the charms of the magic beads.

With this movement, there’s an emphasized appreciations started from as far as the farmers, the roasters, and how the brew bars concoct all the ingredients optimally for a maximum pleasure.

The proponents of this ideal are now spreading on big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya; and the island of Bali for some time now has become the bulwark against this particular culture that can be found trending worldwide.

Located in the heart of Ubud, Seniman Coffee Studio has played an important role as a café that promotes this new height of coffee appreciation since 2010. Putting it mildly, it is a must-visit experience for those who came here for excellent caffeine treat or even visitors who wanted to experience the welcoming atmosphere of this Balinese cultural capital.

Seniman Coffee is treading the business comprehensively beyond the brew bar. From offering the chance to differentiate the adventure between lightly roasted beans or the medium, Seniman explores not just the possibility of flavor coming out of an espresso machine but also by using the manual brewing gadgets and the cold brew technique. These came from just the brew bar only.

This coffee is available on, ready to be conveniently delivered to your door.
Broader coffee exploration with manual brew techniques.

Seniman further takes another step in roasting the beans independently and enters the wholesale business as well as organizing their own workshops about coffee.

The workshop is indeed interesting, as they share various coffee related subjects worth the learning. It’s an added value when visiting the Island of Gods, indeed.

It’s quite nice that they also have new online shop feature, which enables the coffee lovers to order the beans for delivery. It’s a smart way of capitalizing on the world of digital.

For us, the ordinary folks, or especially those coffee aficionados; it’s always great to have those freshly roasted beans, ready grind for your daily brew at home. The necessary equipment to make this experience perfected is also available for delivery.

More interestingly, the Late @ Seniman Coffee was just recently introduced for the crowd who want to not just appreciate the coffee and the design flair presented on every corner of this café, but also for the good food experience.

The carefully crafted evening menu was designed to compete with the hype of Ubud dining scene and presented in an inventive manner. For example, the humorously called McSeniman or King-Hong-Kong which both of them represent the different elements found in Seniman’s Beef Burger Sliders.

If not the sliders, then perhaps the triple-cooked Posh House Chips with parmesan and truffle oil would be a delectable, indulging, yet classy snacking time while also ordering Tuna Tartare or any of Seniman’s imaginative interpretations found in Espresso Granita or Death by Espresso.

Seniman coffee studio is also another next big thing in design.
Rodney Glick leads a coffee workshop.

What excites me personally is how Seniman will also develop this from time to time. Therefore, we can expect to see more of their unconventional, gourmet ‘brassiere’ kind of treats in the future.

But now, it’s time for coffee again. Care to join?


Not halal-certified
Some of the menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Sriwedari no. 5, Ubud – Bali, Indonesia
T: +62.812.3607.6640


Opening hours: Daily, 8am – 10pm (Late @ Seniman Coffee is only available from 6pm – 10pm


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