Dish That I Crave: Nasi Lidah Samurai of Djempolan Food Truck

Quite recently, I paid a visit to another food festival. This time it was held at Kemang Village and featured around more than half a dozen of food trucks.

Curious about how the food truck business progresses, it came as a surprise to know that there’s more than what I initially knew about it. While the general Western theme or Mexican food still colored pretty much of the scene, I found out that there are also trucks that sell nasi kebuli, kebab, and Djempolan with its creative Asian twist.

With its considerate price and hearty portioning, Djempolan was among the most crowded food truck during the festival. I had the opportunity to try their beef tongue rice bowl.

Yes, it was indeed a fulfilling experience. With such amount of rice for us to boot and accompanied by generous serving of beef tongue, korokke, and julienned vegetables; it was all good for me.

Djempolan’s decision to feed the people with Eastern kind of food that utilizes rice and familiar ingredients was well paid off. So if you are heading to another food truck festival, give it a try on this one!


Unsuitable for vegetarians



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