Ah the Nordic cuisine. Separated from the rest of continental Europe and is a world of its own. Despite of what people would think of the land as cold and icy, Scandinavia is breathtakingly picturesque and with people who are mostly purists when it comes to food.

On stark contrast with Indonesia and its abundance in spices and herbs, Scandinavia may seem very straightforward with how they develop their produce and palate. However, the latter may not be always in such terms.

With the appearance of the Finnish masterchef Mr Jaakko Sorsa at C’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant of Grand Hyatt Jakarta quite recently, it is high time for me to personally appreciate the refined Nordic cuisine.

Chef Jaakko Sorsa
Chef Jaakko Sorsa

Mr Sorsa himself has over 20 years of experience apprenticing with Finnish and Swedish masterchefs and a part of kitchen team of Presidential Palace of Finland. He was also an instrumental actor behind the success of Chez Dominique, a two starred Michelin, in Helsinki before now becoming the master of his own house at FINDS – a restaurant dedicated for Nordic cuisine in Hong Kong.

So here is the highlights of his creations that night. Each and every dish was presented beautifully, perfectly executed and with a degree of finesse found only on experienced chefs. In addition to that the use of ingredients and techniques for the dishes were also unique and unseen before for me. He utilized native ingredients and that explains the price for his set dinner – IDR 1,200,000!

It was wondrous, let me tell you.

Shall we proceed then to the dishes?

Smooth salmon soup with king crab and dill cucumbers
Salmon in six ways – gravlax, cold-smoked, seared, mousse, pickled, and smoked roes
Duck breast pastrami with smoked bell peppers, torched feta, and tarragon puree
Roots & mushrooms, using roasted gold roots & beet roots, and brined mushroom salad
Smoked veal tenderloin using alder wood and served with porcini barley risotto and black currant sauce
“DAIM” Parfait which consists of meringue, almond, caramel. dark chocolate, white chocolate, red berries, spruce needles, and sauce from Christmas tree from Lapland

Well, this one I will have to leave it up to your imagination. It was magical for me with these wondrous rare ingredients and FINDS may well be a must-do experience whenever I’m in Hong Kong next time.

How about you?


Not halal-certified
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Grand Hyatt, Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.21.2970.4981 ext. 438


Opening hours:
Daily, 12pm – 3pm (lunch), 6pm – 10.30pm (dinner)


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