Well, today is not actually about me missing a dish or anything that I want to eat in particular. But I was only missing my hometown and Warung Lela. I could be that sentimental sometimes.

Wale 1

You see, Warung Lela has been around for so long, offering dishes as simple as bakmi and nasi tim, but it’s that simplicity and how homey the place is that made me missing them so much.

The vicinity of Jalan Kupa or Jalan Apel on the upper hills of Bandung has charming surroundings. Not only that once or twice ,whenever I am in Bandung, I would frequent Kopi Selasar or Roemah Kopi for my caffeine intake and the breezy side of Bandung, but a visit to Warung Lela or Bumi Joglo became a must-do as well.

At any rate, I nevertheless love how the food tastes here and Warung Lela’s attentiveness to hygiene and service. It may took quite an effort to come up here during holiday times but that’s Bandung for you and its traffic. Queued in a waiting list is to be expected but it’s worth the trip nonetheless.

Now, I should book a ticket back home sometime soon.



Some of the menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Kupa no. 6, Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours:
Daily, 9am – 9pm

Spend: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person


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