Menu Highlights: Brunching at Tredici Ristorante

Ah Senopati and Suryo. Never ceases to satisfy the empty place on that one side of our hearts as Jakartans. With an array of coffee shops and restaurants along the way, it’s easy to schedule your weekend far ahead and do that cafe hopping that you have always dreamed of.

While Tredici is not a new kid in this block, the appearance of this charming Italian ristorante has attracted a lot of people. The artificial garden behind with a small fountain and those cute striped chairs have made everyone gone crazy. Not to mention of course, the homey feeling with all of the warm, rustic wooden feel all over the restaurant that emanates the good feeling. Plus, of course, the Italian fares here!

Along with Zomato, on one fine Saturday morning, we’re up to try Tredici’s new lineup for brunch.

Mesalina pizza

The opener was a really good mesalina pizza. With the charming look of the restaurant and the part where we can see clearly how they bake their pizza, there’s somehow an added value to this. Even so, the formation of this pizza was already solid on its own. There’s the all time favorite grilled chicken, red onions, and duo of cheeses – mozzarella and emmenthal. The tomato sauce worked so well and I just couldn’t help having seconds (while perhaps it was frowned upon by others).

Mac & Cheese parmigiana benedict

The two mains of the brunch lineup were the savory crepes with beef sausages and scrambled eggs. The other one was the mac & cheese parmigiana benedict. The latter sounds a bit too complex and strange but it was the heartiest among the two.

While initially I thought the crepes would be like the galette type but it wasn’t and it became a bit strange somehow for me personally. Even so, it was quite hearty and the bechamel helped a lot to put everything together. Meanwhile the mac & cheese was all about the eggplants. Yes, eggplants.

Savory crepes

Nevertheless, the sauce again came to the rescue to zip everything back to normal. This time it’s the marinara. As for the poached eggs, while it was not cleaned thoroughly to give away that charming yellow more than the whites, most of them were already a bit overcooked. Again, it was quite hearty.

Mascarpone sponge cake & blackberry coulis
Mascarpone sponge cake & blackberry coulis

What I actually quite enjoyed was the closure of this sponge cake with creamy mascarpone and blackberry coulis. That’s a good, balanced flavor between sweetness and acidity. It was not only airy and spongy but decadent at the same time.

Well, turns out that Tredici was quite nice and has its own potentials with the charming atmosphere and hearty Italian dishes. Next time, I am actually looking forward to try its more authentic menu. After all, Chef Mario as the head of the kitchen has this immense experience in Italian restaurants around Jakarta for many years. It’s good to dig in and find out his true talents.

Until next time!


Not halal-certified
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Suryo no. 42, Jakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.21.2970.4981

Opening hours:
Daily, 10am – 10pm



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