VIDEO: 13 Sandwiches from all over the World (via Food, People, Places)

Ah yes, I found this good looking video about thirteen sandwiches from around the globe, ranging from the most famous like croque monsieur or the panini to The Gatsby or zapiekanka.

Food, People, Places became my latest favorite channel on Youtube thanks to the insightful videos about the people and places behind food. You should give it a visit by the way.

So to sum up the list, here are the sandwiches which are featured in the video:

The Chicken-Avocado-Aioli from Australia.
The Gatsby Sandwich from South Africa.
The Cucumber Sandwich from Great Britain.
The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich from North America.
The Danish Smorrebrod.
The Italian Panini.
The French Croque Monsieur.
The Turkish (or German) Döner Kebap.
The Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich.
The American Sloppy Joe.
The South American Choripan.
The Polish Zapiekanka.
The Toast Hawai from Germany.

There’s also the recipe at the channel’s official website:

Enjoy the video, foodies!



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