What Chef Eats: Ayu Anjani Rahardjo (The Foodie Magazine, Jun 2015)

Memories of the past where your parents took you on a journey to eat outside can be so memorable that you wish to relive it even for more many years to come. In this issue, our young pastry prodigy Ayu Anjani Rahardjo shared us the secret key to win her heart.

Ayu Anjani

As a curious little kid years ago, Ayu Anjani Rahardjo cannot stand idly to wait for her meals to come. Rather, she decided to involve herself in kitchen and slowly developing her love for cooking.

Seeing her passion with food, her family granted her the opportunity to study at Le Cordon Bleu in Australia. Focusing in pastry was her sole intention from the beginning. Here Ann, as she’s called by her friends, developed her patience and meticulousness in dealing with the challenges about pastry and desserts.

She returned to Indonesia several years ago and started to make a name for herself. While she’s actually good at what she’s doing, first by becoming a consultant for restaurants and also by co-hosting several cooking shows, Ann was still being modest with her achievements.

“I actually enjoy it more when managing my work from behind the screen”, she said. However, together with her comrades such as Odie Djamil and Putri Miranti, she became more motivated and now is also sharing her love for pastry and desserts for the public by becoming a host of her own in a TV cooking show.

As for what she likes most, she cannot bear not to admit it. “I love Japanese food!”, she exclaimed and based on what we were talking regarding the Japanese dining scene in Jakarta, she clearly knows a lot and even about the hidden eateries that are only frequented by Japanese expats like in Akane, for example, as the place where we encountered.

“Since I was just two years old, my family already introduced me with Japanese food and I was already acquainted with sushi and sashimi since a very young age”, Ann with full spirit continues her story while also ordering her favorite combination of crab cream croquette, fresh salmon, and tamagoyaki for lunch. Not just that, she had her okonomiyaki for appetizer as well!


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE Jun 2015 edition

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