EAT: Holy Smokes (JAX, Aug 2015)

Introducing Holy Smokes, the very place where you can enjoy the slowly smoked BBQ beef at its best!

Holy Smokes (Official) (2)

The American style of cooking food often employs the techniques on how to make the best out of the ingredients. And when we are talking specifically about meat, we usually associate Americans as the proponents of grilling and smoking. In many cases, even with limitations of spices and herbs, they are still really good at making a nice steak.

From the man behind the success of The Holy Crab, Chef Albert Wijaya recently introduced Holy Smokes for meat aficionados of Jakarta. This bold move further colors the city’s food scene with more varieties, which have already excited those who are now going after for something new.

Combined with fresh, locally sourced ingredients; Holy Smokes should have that edge needed to satisfy even the hardcore meat lovers.

With a more casual approach in terms of service and ambiance, Holy Smokes somehow resembles itself like a fast food chain. Make no mistake however; there’re a lot of painstaking preparations to insure that the meat will give out a rich flavor, generous yet fragrant rub over it, tender, moist and smoky. Combined with fresh, locally sourced ingredients; Holy Smokes should have that edge needed to satisfy even the hardcore meat lovers.

The signatures here are a tough choice that you must choose between smoky beef brisket, Southern-style beef ribs and Texas short ribs.

The brisket is served in slices. Here at Holy Smokes, this delicate part of the steer receives justice from 14 hours long of smoking so that it will give out the melts-in-your-mouth experience. Meanwhile, if you are after the essence of American meat smoking culture, you should then try either the Southern-style or the Texas short ribs. The latter came from the thick, richly-marbled short ribs and smoked for six hours in low temperature. As the most premium choice here, expect this one to be the most inviting and the tenderest among all.

The basic behind smoking, anywhere in the world, is still the same – fruit woods, good smoker machine, low temperature, and long smoking time. “Perfection takes time and there is no short cut to the preparation of the meat. Holy Smokes proudly upholds its honest and flavorful cooking techniques by never adulterating the meat through boiling process to tenderize it but at the same time risking the flavors”, says the chef.

Finger-licking good smoked steaks are waiting to be feasted and satisfy your meat desire.
Holy smokes gives you variety of ways on how would you enjoy your meat.

With a throng of great sidekicks including the classic onion straws to accompany the meat, be sure to generously employ Holy Smokes’ finely crafted homemade BBQ sauce that goes well a lot with the meat here.

Now, we will let you enjoy a piece of American cuisine at its best peacefully and be sure to fingerlick everything when the feast is done – just like Frank Underwood with his favorite ribs in DC.


Halal-friendly (but serving alcoholic beverages)
Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Wolter Monginsidi no. 27, Jakarta – Indonesia


Opening hours: Daily, 11.30am – 10pm

Spend: IDR 150,000 – IDR 250,000 / person


Photography: Holy Smokes

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