Quikskoop™: Sapori Deli, Fairmont Hotel Jakarta

A good delicatessen would excite anyone in Jakarta nowadays. With the coffee culture growing strong now, all that’s left is to actually pair it with great deli food from the simplest form of pasta and up to the most hearty sandwiches.

Every hotel usually owns their own cafe or deli somewhere, but for Fairmont Hotel Jakarta; they have allocated a great space for its newly opened Sapori deli. Sleek, homey, and has so much to offer; it was exciting to be among the early witnesses of the inception of this very Italian-style deli.

Separated into two lengthy sections, Sapori Deli might be the biggest deli in a five-star hotel in Jakarta. Not only that the deli serves fresh bakery, cannoli, and sandwiches; be prepared to be awed by their fresh options of pizza, pasta, and also other Italian snacks such as grissini and biscotti.

The sandwiches are, of course, the main theme in Sapori Deli. I have gone to the length of enjoying so many flavors of it from their luscious homemade meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, crab salad, duck ham, and also the crowned champion – chicken confit. How pleasing it was!

In this occasion, I was also graced by the opportunity to learn about how to make pizza. While the dough has been prepared beforehand, the toughest part is still yet to come. Seeing the pizza makers whirling and twirling the dough or even the guys from martabak telor vendors is fun, but not easy at all apparently!

My pizza creation – The Sun Shines Through The Garden

Lucky for us, the master of Sapori Deli – Chef Gozali, taught us how to do it and that we should appreciate the skills in equal to the taste itself.

As a chef once working for a Michelin-starred restaurant in Macau, it’s an easy affair for Chef Gozali with his pizza. Crisp on the crust, airy yet felt nice chewing it, and that came from a single margherita pizza!

What about the rest? Well, I did my part with my self-made vegetarian pizza and I was proud of myself (actually, credit should be given more to Chef Gozali and his baking crews there!). Happy to indulge my family back home with it.

Even from a single deli, there’s so much to see nowadays. Under Executive Chef Andrew Zarzosa’s hands, Sapori Deli gives out an adventure of its own for us as the early visitors of it. Aside from the fancy sandwiches and everything, I was also impressed at how their zappole can taste so good. The pistacchio filling I had was luscious and creamy, but I love the vanilla even better!

Looking forward to be back here again someday and other luxurious outlets that Fairmont Hotel Jakarta has to offer. I bet it would be a great escape for foodies out there by coming to this hotel and see what it has to offer.


Not halal-certified (serves alcohol, some dishes contain pork)
Some dishes are suitable for vegetarians

Fairmont Hotel Jakarta
Jalan Asia-Afrika no. 8, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.2970.3333

Opening hours: Daily, 6.30am – 8pm


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