To satisfy our cravings without the need to hassle around the queue line, Sushi Kiosk is ready to bring you the quick and fresh sushi on the go.

Nowadays, the increasingly busy Jakartans need more than just fast food to satiate their hunger during rush hours. While everyone now aspires to become a hipster foodie by visiting the latest “it” restaurants in town, they are also well-equipped with the know-how about the healthy aspect of food as well.

The newly rebranded Sushi Kiosk is up to the task of marrying the latter and challenges the hegemony of fast food. With the concept of “grab and go”; Sushi Kiosk presents a vast and colorful array of traditional and fusion sushi, sashimi, onigiri and Japanese lunch boxes for the busy, sushi loving crowd.

Sushi Kiosk introduce grab-and-go concept for the busy, sushi loving crowds amongst Jakartans.

For Sushi Kiosk, the confidence arises from the fact that they are managed by PT Sushi Tei Indonesia, known with its experience in sushi business worldwide and has a huge number of following in Indonesia. Additionally, the “grab and go” concept that Sushi Kiosk introduces is among the first in the country.

The choices of sushi presented fresh and ready to go.
Sushi Kiosk by Sushi Tei, introducing the first grab-and-go sushi concept.

In light of these facts, Henky Pho as the general manager of Sushi Kiosk adds, “It is our commitment to always innovate with our product lineups to cater the needs of our loyal customers. We hope that through our concept here, our customers will still be able to spoil their palate for quality sushi in a more practical way”.

The rich lineup of sushi and sashimi starts from everybody’s favorite such as the tuna, salmon, eel, sweet beancurd, tamago, and also the ebi. In the onigiri section, Sushi Kiosk introduces the highly affordable salmon, chicken, or yakiniku onigiris and you can also choose the temaki-style for bigger portion.

For those who aim for something savory and warm, Sushi Kiosk offers small nibbles from inari ring and takoyaki, and up to fried garlic rice, chicken katsu, or even the signatures such as Stamina Roll and the alluring Dragon Roll.

What’s also interesting for big eaters or party planners, Sushi Kiosk actually offers a lineup of platters consisting of dozens of sushi and maki for a very reasonable price and actually contains pretty much of everyone’s favorites from the classic type and also the fusion rolls. It would be a really good idea to share this among your friends and family over the weekend or with the coworkers as lunch.

Not only the sushi but also the rice box and bento are also here to satisfy your belly.
The sushi rolls are available from the classic type to the fusion rolls.

Not stopping after their official rebranding ceremony back at Puri Indah Mall, Sushi Kiosk has been expanding also so far to Mall Ciputra, Carrefour Lebak Bulus, Mall Alam Sutera, WTC II Sudirman, and also Giant Ekstra in Sentul, Bintaro, and BSD. Moreover, Sushi Kiosk is now fully ready to also cater the sushi lovers from Surabaya and Bali with their outlets there.


Halal-friendly (some menu may contain mirin and naturally brewed soy sauce)
Unsuitable for vegetarians

1. Puri Indah Mall : +62 21 582 2505
2. Mall Ciputra : +62 21 560 6552
3. Mall Bali Galeria : +62 361 763 591
4. Carrefour Lebak Bulus : +62 21 759 11 929
5. Mall @Alam Sutera : +62 21 3044 9177
6. World Trade Center 2 Sudirman : +62 021 2952 2642
7. Giant Extra Sentul : +62 21 2968 6716



Photo credits: Vox Populi Publicist

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