What Chef Eats: Philip Mimbimi (The Foodie Magazine, May 2015)

Even something philosophical can start from a simple dish like bacon and eggs. Here, the prolific Chef Philip Mimbimi explains about his favorite dish and his way of life.

Chef Philip Mimbimi 1

That’s the first thing that will happen when upon witnessing Publik Markette with its beautiful arrangement of market fresh food, all cooked with love. If you haven’t been there, list this brand new baby from one of the biggest F&B group in Jakarta as your next choice for lunch and get ready to queue a bit.

So who is the guy responsible behind this?

Let us meet one of the prestigious corporate chefs of Ismaya Group, Mr Philip Mimbimi.

Chef Philip has this young and vigorous appearance, but he has been in action since quite early. As a seasoned chef now, he has traveled himself across the world between United States and Southeast Asia by working for various resorts and high profile five-star hotels.

“I am always on the move. Being a chef, it’s a constant learning process. You have to always look for new ideas and see how the competition is doing”, he said explaining. Apparently for Chef Philip, it is important to always challenge one self, each and every single day.

“For me, I don’t want to cook something that came from a cookbook or Youtube. It’s not really respecting the dish or the ingredients. If I wanted to serve sushi for example, then it will be better if I learn directly in Japan about the whole thing. That will be good for the customers as well”, he then continued.

Despite facing the challenges by working with one of the most innovative F&B group in Indonesia, when it comes to his favorite food, Chef Philip sure loves it easy with just bacon and eggs.

“It may start as a quick and simple American dish, but the ingredients could be developed in a million ways. The bacon can be found in a sandwich, quiche, salad, or sauce, while the eggs can be made into cheesecake, or in chicken and pasta dishes”, as wisely explained by the chef. With that answer, it connects instantly with why he chose to be a mobile and dynamic chef since the beginning.

“However, at its simplest form of a couple of eggs and a few slices of bacon, I only need to add a little tabasco or hot sauce and I am a happy man”, Chef Philip cheerfully confessed.


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE May 2015 edition

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