Pucuak ubi tigo jam may not be Bang Themmy’s signature dish but if you happen to arrive here and Bang Themmy still has it, then it would be wise to just order one right away. Why? You will know why here!

Pucuak Ubi Tigo Jam
Pucuak Ubi Tigo Jam

The cassava leaves are the lalapan in Minang cuisine. For us here in Java, we are always in need to accompany our dish with vegetables and either this or the young jackfruit will always be on our plate whenever we visit a Padang restaurant.

In Bang Themmy’s however, the cassava leaves are elevated to a level where flavors, skill, complexity, and whimsicality are harmoniously intertwined. As a native Bukittinggi citizen, the recipe actually came from his mother.

“My mom used to steam the cassava leaves by using wood fire and it took her three hours to finish everything just right. Nowadays you cook it by using gas stove but the result would be, of course, different”, he said. The name tigo jam itself came from this particularly lengthy, painstaking process of cooking it. 

The steamed daun singkong are wrapped in leaves and cooked with salted fish, chilies, coconut milk, and Minang basic herbs. With a touch of his family secret, the result was simply amazing and fragrant.

One may still need to add the proteins when you have your share of usual daun singkong, but with this one, you will only need the rice. The complex, silky taste out of this seemingly simple dish was quite unexpected at the beginning. You can’t help but keep on digging until you finish everything!

Even so, I would still do it with the grilled fish because you cannot skip that one as well. I will share it again later in my craving list!


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Terusan Jakarta no. 280 (hawkers area), Bandung – Indonesia
T: +62.813.2222.4284

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat, 12pm – 10pm


Spend: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person


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