Menu Highlights: Business Lunch 2015 at Lyon (Mandarin Oriental Jakarta)

A year was all that I need to part with Lyon and Chef Thierry’s masterful cooking skill. During a Zomato Meetup last time, we were all finally reunited and I managed to sample the restaurant’s three-course business lunch.

Lyon’s version of business lunch was made intelligently and also hearty. In terms of flavor, you cannot argue with what Chef Thierry and his crews have crafted with such intensity, freshness, and creativity at the same time.

Seared fillet barramundi from Java Sea
Seared fillet barramundi from Java Sea

So let’s get on with my choices for the lunch, shall we?

As an opener, the seared scallop appeared the same but Chef Thierry’s decision to pour the consomme and paired it with cockles made it wholesome. Born in one of the northernmost regions of France overlooking the English Channel, Chef Thierry shared his nostalgic touch with intense seafood flavor and I am loving every minute of it.

Creme fraiche enriched with potato gnocchi 'a la Francaise'
Creme fraiche enriched with potato gnocchi ‘a la Francaise’

It was not by accident that I skipped the barramundi only for the pleasure to have the chicken for the main dish. While the chicken was kept as the main star, the chef also introduced serious flavor coming from the sidekics in a form of braised celeriac, which was a pleasant and refreshing addition to the onion emulsion and bawang goreng that he also introduced in the dish. It was both fulfilling for business lunch and even for other occasion. I’d love to have this again some other time!

Gunung Salak Hills free-range chicken on the bone
Gunung Salak Hills free-range chicken on the bone

Finally, we are now coming down to the dessert. It was a spectacular oven preserved apple served within what I would call as cannoli and served with buckwheat ice cream. Quite unexpectedly the ice cream was done really nicely and became subtle when paired with the acidity coming from the apple. It was a perfect marriage between sour and sweet! Not only that it refreshed me, but it was the coup de grace that I was looking for in a dessert!

Thank you for the good reunion, Lyon!


Halal-friendly (some of the menu contain pork and alcohol)
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.21.2970.4981 ext. 442

Opening hours:
Daily, 11.30am – 2pm (lunch), 6pm – 11.30pm (dinner)



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