Dish That I Crave: The Freshly Made Breakfast at Breeze Art & Boutique Hotel, Bandung

Behind the facade of this beautiful yet luxurious bijou hotel, hidden from the sight of many, one may expect that the breakfast spread would be like any other ordinary hotel. However for Breeze, the idealistic owner puts in more effort to be more than just that.

So, after having a wonderful night staying there, I descended downstairs to sit at Breeze’s breezy dining room. Bandung’s morning breeze is something that I will go after whenever I’m there and with a beautiful surrounding like this, well, you can’t ask for me.

However, allow me to post about my stay there another time and for now, let us savor the breakfast together, shall we?

Breeze Art & Boutique Hotel 4
US Tenderloin and fried egg with hash brown and buttered baby tomatoes
Breeze Art & Boutique Hotel 3
Tuna salad
Breeze Art & Boutique Hotel 1
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and sour cream, buttered baby tomatoes, and hash brown
Breeze Art & Boutique Hotel 2
Nasi goreng



Address: Jalan Pondok Hijau Permai Blok I No. 11, Bandung – Indonesia

T: +62.22.820.27488


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