Quikskoop™: Sop Kaki Kambing Estu Rame

Undoubtedly, one of the best sop kaki kambing in Jakarta. If I let my personal feelings kick in, then I would always choose the humble sop kaki vendor in front of BCA Dago in Bandung as the champion. Even championing over Dudung’s!

Nevertheless, Estu Rame is more than just a name.

Came in a bit late at around 9 or 10pm, I was forced to face the reality that they pretty much ran out of everything. My favorite cuts are usually consist of the flesh, the tongue, or the tripes. Lucky for me, they still have the latter.

Estu Rame is a part of #TeamSantan, in contrast with #TeamSusu with Dudung as the ultimate proponent. Even so, the stock came from good quality, has sufficient spices, and came in hot. Last time when I was in Bandung, Sop Kaki BCA’s soup was lukewarm but compensated well with great pricing and powerful taste. This one, they won the round thanks to the temperature.

The rest was history. I was satisfied beyond measure but I would still opt the Tiga Saudara nearby my place. Tiga Saudara may be a bit under par if compared with Estu Rame but nevertheless, the trip to Tebet may not worth that much since Tiga Saudara from both Cipinang and Rawamangun are quite formidable as well. By the way, the latter Tiga Saudara is one of my best pick as well!

So, which one do you like best? Be sure to share it with me. 🙂


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam no. 118, Jakarta  – Indonesia

Opening hours: Daily, dinnertime

Spend: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person


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