Having won the plaudits of foodies from many corners of the world, Tim Ho Wan has now arrived in Indonesia’s capital. You are in for a real treat.

The Four Heavenly Kings
The Four Heavenly Kings

Despite its initial appearance as a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that received one Michelin star a few years ago back in Hong Kong, Tim Ho Wan proclaims itself as the “most affordable” among its other peers that have received the same recognition.

The restaurant has also reached the shores of Jakarta to support its expansion, with the recent launch of Tim Ho Wan’s first outlet in Indonesia at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Its presence has added to the list of those serving dim sum in the capital.

“Tim Ho Wan prepares the food fresh after the orders came in from the customers.”

Dim sum joints have now become more popular than ever here. The traditional Chinese-style food for sharing that comprises a myriad of selections is a favorite for banquets and family brunch among Jakartans now.

With the mushrooming of F&B outlets across Jakarta and Greater area, foodies in the capital always welcome something new and exciting in the culinary world. This includes their welcome to the newly opened Jakarta’s Tim Ho Wan.

Steamed spinach dumplings with shrimps
Steamed spinach dumplings with shrimps
Braised chicken feet with abalone sauce
Braised chicken feet with abalone sauce

Similar to its prolific predecessor from Hong Kong, the good reputation attracts people who simply came in flocking from every corner of Jakarta to give a taste of serious dim sum.

Tim Ho Wan was first established by a duet of talented chefs, Mak Kwai Pui and Leung Fai Keung. The former was known previously with his spell at the kitchen of Four Seasons Hong Kong.

Famous for its signature four dishes labeled as “Big Four Heavenly Kings”, it will be an experience of its own trying their BBQ baked buns, steamed egg cakes, the cheong fen or the vermicelli rolls, and the pan-fried carrot cakes. While originally Tim Ho Wan serves its food mostly with pork, there are also alternative choices to cater those with dietary restrictions.

While specializing in dim sum and striving all the time for quality, Tim Ho Wan prepares the food fresh after the orders came in from the customers. The queues might be challenging to come by but with successful outlets spanning in countries such as Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines; it’s a must-not miss experience for anyone.

Vermicelli roll with sweet and sesame sauce
Vermicelli roll with sweet and sesame sauce

“Currently, Tim Ho Wan opens only the first floor for the customers but hopefully in May, the second and third floors will be opened for private rooms and banquets”, says Michael Go, operational director of Tim Ho Wan restaurant in Indonesia.

After the opening of its first outlet in Jakarta, we expect to see more of Tim Ho Wan in other places across Indonesia in the near future. Let’s cross our fingers for that.


Halal-friendly (some menu contains pork and angjiu)
Suitable for vegetarians

Ruko Crown Golf Blok D no. 8 – 10 J1, Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.21.2251.0205/07



Photo credits: JAX

Original link: http://jax.co.id/tim-ho-wan/


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