TGA Teaser: The Invisible Coffee Plantation

Now, before I post the article about my very first visit to a coffee plantation, allow me to share some of the pictures taken during our road trip there. Here goes!

The coffee plantation lies hidden beneath the thick pine forest, uphill of Bandung. The surroundings were beautiful and serene. However, quite unfortunate for most – an entry here is forbidden unless you are a farmer or somebody from military.

After some intense research and helped by a prominent coffee master, I finally got myself a ticket to ride here with my entourage!

So, like I said before, here are the pictures and more on the story will be available soon on TGA!

Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 3 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 1 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 4 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 2